Cover for A World Too Near

This gorgeous Stephan Martiniere cover adorns my forthcoming novel, A World Too Near. (March, ’08.)

I couldn’t be more thrilled to have one of Martiniere’s uncanny, menacing, and yearning portraits for this book! A World Too Near is book two of my series, The Entire and The Rose, and as with the first book, Martiniere’s painting combines organic and inorganic shapes, vivid details, and a superb mastery of depth. Love the concept. Woman in evening gown overlooking battleground? Yow.

The other thing that succeeds so well here, in my opinion, is the ambiguity of the science fiction vs. fantasy styles. My series blends them, leaning to a fantasy feel. And that’s just the way Martiniere has conceived these covers. How extraordinary it is to see an artist depict your own story. As much as I’ve lived in the Entire (my alternate world) for the past five years, it seems Martiniere has gone there before me, or with a more perceptive eye. Thanks to Lou Anders at Pyr for matching my work with Stephan Martiniere. A brilliant stroke.

OK, done gushing.

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  1. amysisson says:

    Very nice! I’m really looking forward to this book.

  2. kateelliott says:

    That is a truly gorgeous, sumptuous cover.

  3. scarlettina says:

    Woot! Congratulations! Beautiful cover.

  4. lmarley says:

    It’s gorgeous. I am green.

  5. rhodric says:

    That manuscript needs to be titled:

    A World to Near: A Book too Far.

    I need my fix…sooo i hope its March 1st! (or whatever the first tuesday is).


    Gorgeous cover as always.

  6. Anonymous says:

    A Book Too Far

    Yes, it’s hard waiting for books in a series… as a writer, one of my challenges is how much to “catch up” the reader on events and characters from the previous novel. Any longer than a 10 month wait, and I’m afraid you’d forget key points.
    Quick test:
    1) Who is Stefan Polich?
    2) Who sent Mo Ti to take care of Sydney?
    3) How many “arms” does the Universe Entire have?

    It’s OK, I’ll catch you up!

  7. rhodric says:

    Re: A Book Too Far

    Man, if all the series i love had 10 or 12 month breaks between books i think i could die happy. Having cut my teeth on Robert Jordan, and then GRR, i do customary rereads between books and before new books are released. Obsessive i know. In fact i’m in the middle of a bright reread right now. So lets see if I’m on track:

    1. Besides being a scum sucking parasite…Minerva CEO.
    2. Cixi
    3. I want to say Five Primacies but I could be off since we have only explored two of them.

  8. Kay says:

    Re: A Book Too Far

    You aced it. I’m impressed!

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