Bright in Paperback

Bright of the Sky
will soon be out in trade paper; February is the pub date. I have some great quotes from reviews for the back cover, and I think the reworked cover is lovely. Since this is over 1 MB in size, not sure why the res isn’t better. Anyone know if LJ shrinks the size automatically?

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  1. lmarley says:

    The cover IS lovely. I wonder why it’s all buggy? I wouldn’t have a clue, of course. I know nothing about art except what I like.

  2. Congrats, Kay! Hope the paperback sells like hotcakes!

  3. alleypat says:

    Cant’ wait! I just got accepted to write book reviews for I’ve never written a book review (since high school you know back when we used rocks and sticks), so I’m a little anxious about my first. If it’s good enough (working on it this week) and accepted, I’d love to write a review of your book as well! (this is an unpaid review, but they seem to have quite a following).

    Good luck with it!!

    A Kenyon Fan

  4. Kay says:

    Achh, reviews!

    Love to have more fantasy site reviews; lots of reviewers are seeing Bright of the Sky as having a predominant fantasy feel, despite some obvious science fiction underpinnings. (It’s my view, too.) Good luck with fantasybookspot!

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