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I got over to the big city last week. Yup, a bookstore signing in Seattle. When you’ve been on the rural side of the mountains and drive into Seattle, it is strange how, um, big the place looks. All that concrete, oh my. But it also has a marvelous cadre of sf/f writers and readers, one of the main reasons I go back.

Duane Wilkins hosted Louise Marley (

), Alma Alexander, and myself at the University Book Store, and we read from our new books, ate Louise’s brownies, and signed a bunch of books. The place was filled, so we were happy, and I’m pretty sure Duane was happy. Got to keep Duane happy. What would the Seattle SF scene be without him? He must never leave the U. Book Store. I hope they’re paying him heaps of money; but, if not, remember to make him brownies when you have a signing.

Last Seattle comment: Needed a new pair of shoes. Went to a big Nordstrom’s. There were, like, a million kinds of shoes: strappy, clunky, leather, rope, suede, sequined, flat, heeled, pointy, and trimmed in alligator. It was very cool, and also a bit horrifying. Similar to the bizarre hyper menus for ordering espresso. Is there no end to the parade of merchandise and the assault on the mind (not to mention pocket book) of all that Stuff?

But you should see my EXcellent heels trimmed in faux lizard!

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  1. anghara says:

    (I have an LJ, Kay [grin] )

    And my husband would tell you that shoes are incomprehensible, that I personally own far too many right now and am not really supposed to buy any more, like, EVER again, and when it came to trims he would plaintively inquire as to what “fake lizard” was…

    ‘Twas good to see you again in Seattle.

  2. Kay says:

    Fake lizard is a stamped, organic polymer acrilic that claims to look fetchingly similar to lizard skin, and inspires one to walk with a vague slithering motion. (A woman wouldn’t needed to have asked.)

    Yes, Alma, glad we had a chance to do this, the three of us.

  3. lt260 says:


    Yup, Duane is the master. I remember the first time I bugged Richard Wright to invite him to Norwescon. Richard was all “what can he do for us” as he did not understand the depth of Duane’s knowledge of SF/F, authors, and NY Publishing. It didn’t take much to change his mind and Duane has been an annual icon at the convention ever since. He deserves so much more then the peanuts they pay him. No other bookstore in the area does as much for fandom, and it all leads back to Duane.

    Glad your signing turned out great.

  4. Kay says:

    Re: Agreed!

    Glad to have those thoughts. I wonder if he is ever GoH at conventions . . . perhaps under category of fan GoH? If not, it’s a rather big oversight!

  5. mkranjcevich says:

    Remember, Nordstrom’s STARTED as a shoe store first, and they’ll never forget that, or let you forget it either…;)

  6. Kay says:

    Oh, geez, I did forget that! No wonder they have a foot fetish!

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