Readercon, Part 2

Back from Readercon, and must unpack my suitcases and my mind. Very stimulating stuff, this nice little con in Burlington MA. I loved the panel on Rewrites. My favorite moderator questions: “When do you stop revising the novel?” Suzy McKee Charnas: “When I’m sick of it.” James Patrick Kelly: “When you change a sentence; and then change it back.” Michael Swanwick: “When the material hardens under you. When further revisions start vandalizing the story.”

Thanks to Eric Van for explaining to me what a discussant is. (You kinda have to be an academic to get it.) Thanks to David Louis Edelman (I think) for pointing out the sf movement of tentacle porn.Thanks to Ellen Kushner for insights in how to handle difficult people while being perfectly charming. Thanks to Charlie Brown for the blessing (see picture, below.) Thanks to Carl Frederick for finally explaining Schrodinger’s Cat to those of us who thought we already knew. Thanks to Nomi S. Burstein for kindly offering help in pronouncing Yiddish words. And thanks to Louise Marley for packing the tuna fish sandwiches.

Charlie Brown blessing Paolo Bacigalupi and me at our signing.

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  1. scarlettina says:

    When Nomi’s not around, please feel free to talk to me about the Yiddish. 🙂

  2. Kay says:


    OK, you got it. In my workshop on dialogue I was reading out loud from Michael Chabon’s marvelous The Yiddish Policeman’s Union. Read it?

  3. scarlettina says:

    Re: Yiddish

    Heh. Not yet. There it sits on my bookshelf waiting to be read.

  4. Yes, that was me who enlightened you to the existence of tentacle porn. But now that you’ve been blessed by Charles Brown, you are absolved of any sin.

  5. Kay says:

    No, no, David. I remembered very well who enlightened me. It’s just that I wasn’t sure that I wanted to Thank you for it. (But I also would hate to be the last to know of new trends, of course.)

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