Great to get over to Seattle on a beautiful evening for the Clarion/Locus party. I don’t get over the mountains from Wenatchee as often as I want to, what with a six hour round trip and . . . well, no excuses.

Happy to reconnect in person with Greg and Astrid Bear, Connie Willis, Amelia Beamer, who interviewed me for the June Locus issue,, Patrick Swenson, Ted Chiang, John Pitts, Ken Scholes, Paolo Bacigalupi, Vlad Verano, Gordon Van Gelder, Gary Clark, Leslie Howle, Neile Graham, Nisi Shawl, Cat Rambo, Eileen Gunn and others, including a few Clarion students. Got a chance to meet Michael Whelan, Gary Wolfe and Shelley Rae Clift. A fun time. Missed seeing a few of you. Geez, don’t you get out anymore?!

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  1. shelly_rae says:

    It was good to finally meet you too Kay. What a lovely weekend it was…

  2. Kay says:

    Hey, Shelly. I missed the rest of the proceedings. Did you do the whole weekend?

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