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I’m very excited to announce that I have a new novel coming out. This is a project I’ve been working on for several years. It’s an epic tale of magic in a reimagined England and India, where a Victorian woman dares to take on the scientific establishment — and the British Raj. The title is  A Thousand Perfect Things– available in late August from Premier Digital Publishing.

But we have a problem! We have two great covers for this story. Since we can’t decide between them, I’m asking for your help. In the comment block, please cast your vote for the best cover. Those who vote will be entered into a drawing for a free book!

Cover #1

A Thousand Perfect Things working 2 LD-01







Cover #2

A Thousand Perfect Things working LD-01














Many thanks. I’m eager to hear what you think. Please share this!


About Premier Digital Publishing

I am so pleased to bring out this novel with Premier Digital. The company is led by digital media veterans Thomas Ellsworth and Hutch Morton. Among their authors are thriller writers Alan Jacobson and Ken Bruen and SF bestseller Piers Anthony. Their new distribution agreement with Ingram will give them a global reach in eBook, print and brick and mortar retail. Premier offers authors a revenue share comparable to self publishing. The company is based in LA with offices in Toronto and New York.

It’s a fast-changing digital publishing world. This is a new approach for me, and one I’m very excited about!

131 Responses

  1. WHM says:

    I really like cover #1. The typeface is easier to read. London reflecting Taj Mahal gives a good sense of what the story is about. And the whorl of clouds in the sky plus the (slighlty) illuminated first letter give it enough of a sense of magic and unreality to suggest that it’s not just an historical novel.

  2. Jarrett Rush says:

    I’m going to say No. 1 as well. Having London reflected gives you a sense that this is more than an India story. And the typeface is much easier to read.

  3. Ben says:

    I strongly prefer cover #1. Sounds like an intriguing novel!

  4. Barry Colonna says:

    I prefer cover #1. It gives a sense of magic, while at the same time revealing the integration of England and India in the novel. It sounds like an interesting story. I can’t wait to read it.

  5. Chiming in for #1, although not strictly on the basis of design. Like Barry, I was drawn to the sense of intrigue. Is the spectre of the Raj haunting India? Or is each culture an alternate-reality mirror of the other? The mystery draws me in…

  6. Cate Morgan says:

    DEFINITELY cover numero uno. I’m not digging the lettering or exploding lotus on the second, I’m sorry. The first is perfect for the time period and very eye-catching.

    Can’t wait to read this–it sounds fuh-mazing! 🙂

  7. Liiz says:

    Cover #1 for sure! Fabulous!

  8. Cover #1. The reflection of London in the Taj Mahal is striking, and the book title and your name look a lot cleaner and better.

  9. Mary says:

    Cover #1

    Absolutely gorgeous, and I love the reflection of India/Britain.

    Cover 2 says nothing to me.

  10. Jim Higgins says:

    Cover #1 is clean and easier to read (both text and visuals). It will still be an attractive cover a year later on the bookshelf, and a decade later in the library. Best wishes.

  11. Walt Socha says:

    Number 1: Type is easier to read. The alternative reflection gives hints to the contents.

  12. Stacy Curtis says:

    I also chose #1….before I clicked through to here 🙂 For some reason, it’s just more appealing!

  13. Dave Post says:

    Another vote for cover 1. Very clean. I would cross the room to pick that one up… if it was a physical book and my book store hadn’t closed already.

  14. communi_kate says:

    Yep, one for me, too. Though I like the colours used in the second cover, the symmetry between london and the taj is too perfect to pass up…

  15. Kay says:

    Everyone: This feedback is so valuable! I’m so glad I have asked this. Keep it coming, folks!

  16. #1 for sure. The mirror look works well. I do like the lotus in #2, but the type face doesn’t work.

  17. I vote for book cover number 1 it feels a bit more down to earth and yet magical not to mention it gives a solid feel to a mirror image of our world and yet a glimpse into another or is it a dream. Plus it invites us to pay attention to whats around us.

  18. Craig Loney says:

    Cover #2 ——- It catches my eye more — makes me want to open it and check it out — the #1 looks too plain to me — and if I may suggest on #2 — maybe put a reflection of London in the water below the Lotus and outline the lettering in black or a dark color — can’t wait to check out your new work — I am a big fan!!!

  19. Rob Blake says:

    Definitely Cover #1.

  20. Steve Smiley, RGD says:

    My vote is for number 1. I like the choice of font and the overall clean appearance. Less is more. I love good white space and this just does it for me.

  21. Steve says:

    I vote, like everyone else above, for #1. Really it is no contest, it is much more professional looking and has much more clarity and contrast.

  22. Indiana Jim says:

    Looks like a unanimous choice for #1 so far. Definitely easier to read, and at first glance you don’t realize the water is reflecting Buckingham Palace. Very cool effect.

  23. Tara Dawn says:

    #1 gets my vote, much easier to read. And I enjoy the contrast between the as above and the so below.

  24. ces says:

    Cover 1. Beautifully elegant.

  25. Chris Green says:

    My Vote: Cover #1
    It looks more professional than Cover #2.

  26. #1. By a LONG way. Interesting and original, and one I would definitely pick up for a closer look. The second one just looks TIRED somehow.

  27. Thaswoomodius the Grim says:

    Number 2. I like both, but since everyone else is picking one, I will go against the flow.

    Number one is the more marketable of the two, but looks more mainstream. Number two has a hint of mystery and magic, and that describes your writing to me.

  28. Greg Hillier says:

    I like cover 2.

  29. Sharon McGovern says:

    I much prefer the #1 cover art. #2 Totaly messed up the beautiful arcitecture. SP? Totally NOT perfect.

  30. Guy Stewart says:

    #1 — I like it MOST because the clouds above hint to me of being the “eye of the storm”; forboding; with the enhanced “A” in the eye, the image draws my attention.

    I also REALLY like the contrast in the reflection — In London, the two outer buildings are tallest; in India, the two outer buildings are shortest. In London, then central building is short; in India, the Taj Mahal is tall. It speaks to me of the differences in WORLD VIEW…

    Powerful piece of art…

  31. I’m voting for cover #2

  32. Lisa Montoya says:

    Cover #1

  33. Janka Hobbs says:

    I think cover #1 is easier to read and easier to look at. I also find the non-matching reflection intriguing. From the description, I think it will capture the essence of the story.

  34. Dehbi says:

    Although the art is beautiful in both covers, I absolutely LOVE and cast my vote for #1. I love the way it takes a second or two to notice that the mirror image reflected is different from that which is being reflected. Most appropriate for a fantasy novel and it makes me want to read the story!

  35. Mike Pearson says:

    Cover #1. I like the typeface. Both show mystery and magic. But #1 is more subtle.

  36. Bret Parker says:

    Yes, I like # 1… turning London upside down, the underpinnings of Victorian England in India, plus magic swirling in the sky.
    Go for it Kay! I’m ready to read it.

  37. Denisse Tavarez says:

    It has to be cover #1. It’s kind of relaxing.

  38. Suzy H says:

    Cover #1 would intrigue me into picking up the book to learn more about it. #2 wouldn’t even get my passing notice—too unfocused, and too much like LOTS of other meaningless covers out there already. As a fan, I’m gladly waiting for the book to become available, whichever cover you decide to use!!

  39. James King says:

    Cover #2 with this proviso–change the color of the typeface! To me cover #1 looks like it comes from a travel publication. Cover #2 has a vibrant, colorful look but definitely needs a change in the text so it would be more easily read, maybe even simple white with heavy stroke lines.

  40. David Wesley says:

    Cover #1 will stand the test of time. I love the reflection aspect. #2 might look dated in a few years.

  41. Janet Bailey says:

    I like cover #1 better. Even though both covers
    are very nice, authors need to remember to view their
    covers as a thumbnail. Can your read the title and
    your name clearly? Make sure the cover is readable
    when is miniaturized. Love your writing!

  42. Stephen G. Zoldi says:

    I prefer cover #1.

  43. S.E.Ingraham says:

    cover #1 looks cleaner, more intriguing … it’s a book I would pick up and glance through

  44. Jim Moody says:

    I like ‘cover 1’, it is clear and exacting picture and type. The picture in ‘cover 2’ is “Photoshopped” too much to me. I like clear, clean pictures and text and that is “Cover 1”.

    Good luck with it Kay. DCHS 64

  45. I like the image better on cover #2 but that font is HORRID!

  46. Robert Rowland says:

    At first glance I would pick up #1 off a bookshelf before #2

  47. Audrey Seaberg says:

    Number 1 is more appealing to me. The yellow color and typeset of #2 get a little lost in some of the clouds.

  48. I vote for the Cover number 1. The design is great, and it seems like a perfect world for magic.

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