Help pick my new cover art

I’m very excited to announce that I have a new novel coming out. This is a project I’ve been working on for several years. It’s an epic tale of magic in a reimagined England and India, where a Victorian woman dares to take on the scientific establishment — and the British Raj. The title is  A Thousand Perfect Things– available in late August from Premier Digital Publishing.

But we have a problem! We have two great covers for this story. Since we can’t decide between them, I’m asking for your help. In the comment block, please cast your vote for the best cover. Those who vote will be entered into a drawing for a free book!

Cover #1

A Thousand Perfect Things working 2 LD-01







Cover #2

A Thousand Perfect Things working LD-01














Many thanks. I’m eager to hear what you think. Please share this!


About Premier Digital Publishing

I am so pleased to bring out this novel with Premier Digital. The company is led by digital media veterans Thomas Ellsworth and Hutch Morton. Among their authors are thriller writers Alan Jacobson and Ken Bruen and SF bestseller Piers Anthony. Their new distribution agreement with Ingram will give them a global reach in eBook, print and brick and mortar retail. Premier offers authors a revenue share comparable to self publishing. The company is based in LA with offices in Toronto and New York.

It’s a fast-changing digital publishing world. This is a new approach for me, and one I’m very excited about!

131 Responses

  1. Doug Purcell says:

    Most definitely #1

  2. john pierce says:

    I prefer cover #1. I like the contrasting images portrayed. Carn’t wait to read it!

  3. Hannah says:

    Cover #1 for sure!

  4. Carole Hughes says:

    Cover #1 please. Seeing it makes me want to know the connection between the upper and lower parts.

  5. The Doctah says:

    #1 for me, for sure. There is just something very cool and intriguing about the juxtaposition of the skyline and reflection. Kudos to the artist who came up with that idea.

  6. Michele says:

    Cover 1 – very intriguing

  7. Tim Ward says:

    Cover 1, because I really like the water reflection. I don’t know what the thing is in the center of Cover 2. Is it fire? Magic? It kind of distorts the building behind it from standing out.

  8. Dana Baldwin says:

    I like them both. But preferred #1. 🙂

  9. Dino Mascolo says:


  10. Morgen Rich says:

    For me, cover #1 captures the dual settings better than does cover #2.

  11. Paula Lieberman says:

    I prefer #1, the elements feel more balanced to me–#2 is too symmetrical and center-weighted. The yellow stuff in the center doesn’t feel like it belongs with the rest of the image and doesn’t tell me a story/grab me into wondering what the story is that the cover is an entry to. #1, the reflection is asymmetrical and very different from the Taj Mahal above it–the question forms in my mind about the comparison and contrast and intrigues me about “what is inside that the cover [um…] reflects?”

  12. Patric Connelly says:

    Number. 1

  13. Wendy says:

    I vote for #1, too. It’s easy to read and the reflection trick caught my breath the first time I saw it. I enjoy how it takes a moment for the viewer to notice. (Well, it did for me, anyway…)

  14. Cover #1. The Title and author’s name are easier to read.

  15. Phyllis Ring says:

    #1 feels especially elegant to these eyes.

  16. I like #1 — the reflection is neat and from the blurb it seems like it fits the story. Sounds like fun!

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  18. Kerry Callahan Bronson says:

    Cover #1..My thought when I saw it “What is the connection between the two scenes”

  19. Gary Nunn says:

    # 2

    Cover #2 has more of a magic theme, and cover #1 looks like the cover of a book about parallel worlds.

  20. I like number 2, except for the typeface–and I agree that it might not hold up over time. Number 1 is classic–and tells a story all by itself, but the colors could be more interesting.

  21. Tiyana says:

    Wow…both are really nice, but I think the first one captures the English/Indian theme the best. 🙂

  22. Zachary Conklin Wight says:

    Cover #1. I like the lettering better and the reflected skyline adds more to think about than the flower opening.

  23. Bill says:

    It was very close for me although #1 ultimately won out. #2 has a stronger sense of wonder and magic due to the colors and the opening petals, although the font choice lacks the sophistication of #1.

    I look forward to the adventure!

  24. Liz Frederickson says:

    Definitely cover #1. The reflection of India and London intrigue me – makes me wonder what tales can be told from two perspectives, and what may lie beneath the obvious.

  25. I definitely like #1 better. The title, and your name, are easier to read, the photo is emblematic of the story, and it’s very crisp and clean. The bright yellow in the other just looks blobby to me, and the title is difficult to read.

  26. I like #1: balanced, “perfect,” and enticing. The brightness in the second one is distracting and looks like the focus of the book.

  27. Definitely #1. I think it would be much more likely to catch my eye, with a hint of a story of cultural contrasts, but also something more going on.

  28. Denise Westcott says:

    Love #1. Better type and love the reflection of England.

  29. Isaac Overcast says:

    cover #1 hands down

  30. Kennedy Brandt says:

    GREATLY prefer Cover #1. Cleaner, more meaningful, and intriguing. Cover #2 strikes me a hippy-esque version of THE WINDUP GIRL cover, and reminds me too much of a place I hope to never visit again. (Note: I may be a bit cranky as I post this due to an unexpected gelato shortage in the house.)

  31. Kathy Kniep says:

    Number 2, it looks intriging to me, would want to open cover and scan a few pages. Your name is easy to spot. Did like the reflection contrast in 1, but it seems stuffy or too much history. Congrats on publishing the book !

  32. alex S says:

    Hate to be the outsider, but…neither pic pleases me with that title. Sorry. By the way, I don’t really like the title…sounds too much like a Julie Andrews song.

  33. Patrick Swenson says:

    #1 by a longshot.

  34. Number one has intrigue. Three vote from our house.

  35. Rani says:

    #1! And I have an Indian name, so my vote must count for more 😉

  36. I see #1 is winning for a wide margin. My vote is for that cover too; I think is more classy.

    But it doesn’t matter the cover, I’ll grab a copy the day it comes out!

  37. Jane McRae says:

    Number 1 gets my vote. It’s not only beautiful, but I like its clarity.

  38. Mac McCarty says:

    Hands down, it’s #1. #2 made me think there might be an interesting story inside. #1 makes me want to read this story right away! Big diff… — Mc

  39. Suzanne says:

    Cover #1. Water is reflective and magical. It better represents fantasy and the typeface is clear with your name easily disdiquishable.

  40. S M Kraftchak says:

    Cover 1, while stunning especially once your realize what is happening in the reflection, Cover 2 jumps out at you as a book about the ‘magic and the fantastic’. If it were sitting on a shelf in a book story, the eye is drawn to it more than #1. Cover two, without a discerning eye could be mistaken for a non-fiction cover. I vote for #2.

  41. Dre Dee Catalano says:

    Definitely number 1 for all reasons stated. LOVE the reflection of London contrasting with India. The plot sounds so intriguing – can’t wait for it to be published!

  42. Michelle says:

    No 1, for sure!

  43. C Moberg says:

    Cover 1 gets my vote. It is simple, elegant, and peaks my interest; what does England have to do with India…

  44. Padraig Johnston says:

    Neither cover is very interesting, and they are certainly a step back from the illustrator who did your work great justice in the Rose series. Cover 1 could be any book about colonialism, and I wouldn’t identify it as fantasy. Cover 2 is slightly better but the lettering on the title looks generic. If you’re featuring tigers in your book, put one on the cover. In fantasy I certainly judge an author by their cover, as its usually the quality of the illustration that indicates the publisher’s investment in selling it. I think this is a mistake on your part where you should be moving forward in the publishing ranks instead of taking a step back for the sake of increasing your profits.

  45. I would certainly go for no.1. It’s mysterious, suggestive, and seems to bridge a gap that might entice readers to find out more.

  46. Dave Dell says:

    I like number 1 the best. The brightness of number 2 almost hurts my eyes. Also number 1 ties in India and England.

  47. Georgia Harrington says:

    No.1 gets my vote!

  48. chelcie shell says:

    cover #1

  49. While Cover #2 says “magic” more blatantly, I prefer the subtlety of the reflection that isn’t and the cleanness of the whole design. It promises to be an intriguing read either way.

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