Kay’s Lone Star Con schedule

Goin’ to San Antonio for World Science Fiction Convention? If you are, drop in to say hello at these cool events where I’ll be:



Sharon Shinn at a con actually signing her book on a Kindle.

1-2:00 – Autographing (in Dealers Room)

4-5:00 –Reading from A Thousand Perfect Things

6-7:00 – Lone Star Con for IntrovertsMy chat with a room full of fellow-introverts!  How to navigate, meet people and happily survive a huge conference!



Me and Jay Lake at RadCon

Saturday afternoon – I’ll be signing at the SFWA table – time to be announced soon

5-6:00 – The Relationship Between Reader and Writer
When you write, do you start with an audience in mind? Do you interact with your readers as you write or after you write or never?


9-10:00 – Stroll with the Stars

Sydney Cat Bad Agent

Just because: Sydney T. Cat, Bad Agent. Google him!


Louise Marley and I at a signing at U Book Store, Seattle. We’re responsible for a lot of dead trees. So why are we smiling?

12-1:00 – Kaffeeklatsch

3-4:00 – Getting Research Right in Historical Fiction
How much research needs to be done when writing a story set in an historical period. How far can you stray before readers will notice? Do the readers care, or even know enough to care?


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  1. […] Ms. Kenyon is attending the World Science Fiction Conference at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center inside San Antonio August 29 from September 2, 2014. She usually equally be signing duplicates of A Thousand Perfect Factors at The Twig bookstore inside San Antonio about August 31st from 11 the.m. 1 p.m. For detailed info of Ms. Kenyons appearances at WorldCon, please visit: http://www.kaykenyon.com/2013/08/19/kays-lone-star-con-schedule/. […]

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