At the Table of Wolves: Chapters and Extras

If you don’t yet have the first book in my Dark Talents series, here’s a chance to see inside the book!

I’m providing the first two chapters of Book 1 as well as a nifty chart of the Talents (powers).

(Book 2, Serpent in the Heather, will be available on April 10.)

At the Table of Wolves

Chapters 1 & 2

Chart of the Talents

The Dark Talent novles


The concept of At the Table of Wolves: In 1936, when Talents have come into the world, a woman who is drawn into the shadow world of espionage uses her gift for hearing the truth to uncover a Nazi plot to subdue England with a mysterious power over ice and cold. It’s Foyle’s War with a female hero and psi powers both subtle and scary.

REVIEWS: Kenyon’s finely tuned historical atmospherics and her sure-handed development of even minor characters make this novel a superb adventure, worthy to launch a distinguished historical fantasy series. — Publisher’s Weekly, starred review

I came to this with high expectations, having read Kenyon’s brilliant The Entire and Rose four book sequence.  Once again, Kenyon knocked it out of the park. This is a wonderful novel for many reasons – it tells a full story in and of itself and also sets a foundation for many stories to be told. . . . Highly recommended. — SFF World

At the Table of Wolves is a remarkable bit of alt-history.  — B&N Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog

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