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When I was in junior high, I was the kind of kid who loved writing assignments. Essays, school newspaper, reports on Argentina or amphibians (due Friday!– everyone groans, except Kay, who nods, Oh yeah.) And, of course, book reports.

At that age you hate to be different, but the siren call of writing already had me in its embrace. It took me awhile to find my footing and confidence to write for publication and when I did, I went straight for the literature of the fantastic.


With Louise Marley and Sharon Shinn.

No, I don’t know why I write SFF. I love all kinds of books, including literary, historical epics, spy novels, history and biographies. But stories of fantasy, magic realism, and science fiction are my favorites. Science fiction and fantasy welcomed me into a community of people whom I count as my closest friends. It was a nice surprise in the writing life, that far from being competitive and exclusive, the writing and publishing community in SFF is supportive, fascinating–and thick as thieves.

I live in Wenatchee Washington, across the Cascade mountains from Seattle, or what is affectionately known as “the dark side” of the state. My husband Tom and I live on the sunny side of the state, and we have sons in Seattle, Olympia and San Diego. I spend part of each winter in Southern California, halfway between San Diego and Palm Springs. Desert country. A great place to write.

Mentor and friend, Mike Resnick.

Mentor and friend, Mike Resnick at World Fantasy in San Diego.

With Jay Lake at RadCon.

With the late Jay Lake at RadCon.

Fantasy: A little bit different.  My novel-length  fantasy includes  A Thousand Perfect Things and Queen of the Deep. Soon to come: a fantasy spy novel series (see below). I’m excited to be “playing on the other side of the fence” at last. I’ve always loved fantasy, as long as it’s a little bit different. Check out my titles here.

Science fiction. My biggest science fiction project so far is the sci-fantasy quartet, The Entire and The Rose. Book One, Bright of the Sky, was one of Publishers Weekly’s

Photo credit: Harry Brink

Photo credit: Harry Brink

top books of 2007. Other novels include The Braided World, a John W. Campbell finalist, and Maximum Ice, a Philip K. Dick Award finalist.

Short stories, too. My short fiction has appeared in Insider Magazine for Wizards of the Coast, The Year’s Best SF 16, and Solaris Rising 2. And, by the way, some of my short stories are now available on Amazon as separate titles.

What else is going on. I’m a founding member of Write on the River, a writer’s organization in North Central Washington.

At Write on the River, me and Larry Brooks, author of Story Engineering and Story Fix.

We hold events throughout the year and a major conference in mid-May. Some of our guests have been Robert Dugoni, Elizabeth George and Terry Brooks. This year I was on the jury for the World Fantasy Awards. I was amazed by the strength of the submissions and the incredible imaginations of our genre’s authors!

What’s next?

Two paranormal espionage novels set in England, 1936! The novels will be out in the coming months from Saga Press, and are entitled At the Table of Wolves and Serpent in the Heather. I blogged about the

Rievaulx Abbey, Yorkshire, England.

Rievaulx Abbey, Yorkshire, England.

stories here, if you’d like a sneak peek. The project involved some trips to Great Britain, of course. There is a major scene at Rievaulx Abbey in the North York Moors, which I visited one rainy day–and then the sun came out for ten minutes. The place was deserted and wonderfully mysterious. Most memorable moment in England.

Contacting me.

If you have questions, you can contact me on my blog or on Twitter & Facebook. And be sure to sign up for my newsletter, which comes out when I have announcements or special offers.

With Terry Brooks in Portland, OR.


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