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40 free science fiction stories

Just in time for cozy cold weather reads, see these “Tales from the Future” free stories from new and established science fiction writers! Fill up your e-reader with the ones that appeal, and sign up for some cool newsletters, too. Because it’s always fun to find new authors or journeymen writers you haven’t yet discovered. One of mine tucked in there, too.

Ends November 30.

Check them out here.


Maximum Ice at $.99

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Grab it while it’s under a dollar ~

NOW through Thursday, June 24

From the view port of your lately-returned spaceship you see: A physics-defying crystal mantle shrouding the Earth.  Welcome home.

A finalist for the Philip K. Dick award.

To purchase:

“A uniquely powerful tale.” —Booklist

“Full-bodied characters, palpable environs, layered mystery and heady suspense combine like the many facets of “Ice” in this sparkling SF novel.” —Publishers Weekly

Two fiction classes comin’ up

I’m giving two live online workshops this fall! I’ve found that webinars are fun and can get us re-engaged with our writing. (To hear about all my online teaching–and other cool stuff–you can join my newsletter.)



Six Slippery Sins: Good advice that goes astray

Often what we think we know just isn’t true. “Common knowledge” about fiction can deaden our stories, including time-honored advice like start fast and get to the point in dialogue. We’ll take a fresh look at “vivid” descriptions, and how “showing” sadness can end up distancing a reader by “telling.” For writers at all levels, this class examines the deeper truths suggested by, or obscured by, fiction maxims.

Saturday, September 26 (Time to be announced.)

Click HERE to register for the PNWA Conference, one day or several.

(More class details to be posted soon on the PNWA website.)



Move Along, Folks: Pacing the novel

One agent who gets 10,000 pitches a month says that 95% of rejected manuscripts are paced too slowly. We can fix this! This pacing workshop is for beginning and intermediate-level novelists and exposes classic pacing mistakes, large and small. We’ll identify the dramatic underpinnings that give horsepower to a story’s unfolding and their use in structure and scene. We’ll also come away with on-the-page tools that can keep the wind in your story’s sails.

Saturday, October 3, 4:15 – 3:30

Click HERE to register for the Write on the Sound Conference, one day or several.

This Sunday: My plotting workshop

Class will be on Sunday, not Saturday.

Join me this Sunday for a 2-hour workshop on plotting the novel!

Mapping the Labyrinth at the Rambo Academy of Wayward Writers

Mapping the Labyrinth: Plotting Your Novel So Stuff Happens with Kay KenyonOn-line class: Sunday, August 2, 2020, 9:30-11:30 AM Pacific Time

How do you develop a novel’s plot? Is it luck, or trial and error, or are there classic approaches to achieve your best story? Learn how to use structural principals to take your character on a transformative journey inspired by great plotting. Become fluent in turning points, those fork-in-the-road hinges that catapult your story in a dramatic rising action. Concept, subplots, conflict–we’ve got ’em covered. Let’s map our way out of the maze and conquer the art of plotting.

More information:


Cost is $99 ($79 for Patreon supporters and former students, which includes classes/workshops at the Cat Rambo Academy for Wayward Writers.) Cat is offering a few scholarships: For information on applying, click here.

To register for this class, send an email to Cat Rambo with the following details:

  • The email address that you use for Google stuff
  • The name of the class: “Mapping the Labyrinth” with Kay Kenyon
  • Whether you would prefer to pay via Paypal, check, or some other means.

You will be invoiced when the class slot is reserved.

I hope to see you on Sunday, August 2nd!

My April & May Webinars

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I’m doing two webinars in next three weeks. They’re one hour long, and free to Write on the River members. BUT membership is only $35/year for this worthy writing organization, so even if you only participate in these two classes, it ends up costing you only $17.50 apiece. And there will likely be more webinar events from WOTR thru the spring, which will end up being free to you as a WOTR member. Hope to see you on-line for some fun classes!

Let’s meet on Zoom!

Saturday, April 18, 10:00-11:15 AM – Developing a Powerful Plot 

I’ll provide insights into plot and character starting with suggested questions to ask of an initial novel concept, questions that can lead us to a more nuanced, layered story. We’ll consider how the major character can help deepen the plot and how a convincing story arc can shine a light on what happens next.

Saturday, May 2, 10:00-11:15 AM – Pacing in the Novel Read More…