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On a perfect life: An interview

I had the privilege of participating in Tim Ward’s and John Dodd’s very thoughtful interview on the subject of A Thousand Perfect Things. Here are some of the topics we covered:

  • Why I chose an alternate history fantasy after ten science fiction novels.
  • AISFPMy main character’s dilemma between love and ambition – and what it says about women’s lives today.
  • The dichotomy between the two worlds: of machine and science and magic and sensualism – and the device of the “portal” getting from one to the other.
  • A discussion of the passage, “Shall I be pleased with myself for so little reason?” The classic question of finding peace in the world.

Check it out at Adventures in Sci Fi Publishing, one of the best podcasts around, and leave a comment to let Tim and John know someone is listening!

For three days only, A Thousand Perfect things will be offered as a $2.99 eBook on Amazon, Nook and Apple. Offered through end of day Monday, September 30.

If you like the book, I would love to have a review from you on Amazon!




Blog Tour: A Thousand Perfect Things

Check it out: my blog tour begins! I hope you’ll dip in – with a chance to win cool prizes.

Over next two weeks, I’ll be appearing here and there on blogs of folks who’re participating in my blog tour. Drop by for some interviews & peeks inside-the-book and the so-called mind of the author!


  • $50 Amazon or Pay Pal gift card
  • signed, personalized, copy of A Thousand Perfect Things

How to Participate in the Give-away

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Larry Brooks, The Storyfixer

Larry Brooks, The Storyfixer

Not on tour, but also fun: Join Larry Brooks and me at StoryFix, (Tuesday Aug  27) wherein we discover whether it helps a fantasy book (mine) to use his HOT approach to story structure!

Tour Schedule

Wednesday, Aug 28. Asteria’s Blog  – Review and Giveaway

Thursday, Aug 29. Behind a Million and One Pages –  Excerpt and Giveaway

Sunday, Sept 1 Author Jonathan Ryan – Excerpt and Giveaway

Monday, Sept 2. Chirenjenzie – Favorite Pinterest Pins and Giveaway

Tuesday, Sept 3. Dave-Brendon’s Fantasy and Sci-Fi Weblog – Excerpt and Giveaway

Wednesday, Sept 4. Mindy Ruiz – Excerpt and Giveaway

Thursday, Sept 5. Elizabeth Isaacs’ Blog – Excerpt and Giveaway

Friday, Sept 6. Hooked in a Book – Excerpt and Giveaway

Saturday, Sept 7. BlKosiner’s Book Blog– Interview!

Sunday, Sept 8. Delphina reads too much – Featured Article and Giveaway!

Monday, Sept 9. A Dribble of Ink –  Featured Article!

Tuesday, Sept 10.Lilliputian’s Journey – Excerpt and Giveaway

Wednesday, Sept 11. Mom With A Kindle – Interview!

Thursday, Sept 12. A Dragon’s Love – Excerpt and Giveaway

 See you ’round the Blogosphere!



An interview on the new book, fantasy & publishing

Wingage Dialogue

Please drop by for my new interview, podcast now at Dialogue: Between the Lines!

I had fun chatting with show host Susan Wingate today. She’s got a terrific series of interviews with bestselling authors and industry professionals, as well as being one herself. Her latest book is Hotter Than Helen, in the Bobby’s Diner series.

Here are some of the topics we tossed around:

  • Do you need an agent anymore?
  • The role of “gate keepers” in the new era.
  • As traditional publishers lose ground, is this a good thing?
  • How I used the prologue as a device in A Thousand Perfect Things.
  • And what’s with that strange and wonderful Bridge in the novel!

1,000 Perfect Things at $3.99

british armyFor a limited time, my publisher is offering a special eBook price for A Thousand Perfect Things. Check it out on Amazon or on your favorite reading device. (The eBook available August 27. Paperback on sale now.)

“A masterwork from the mind of one of our best authors of compelling alternate realities.”–Larry Brooks, Author of Story Physics

Platt, E largeelephant close up“Kay Kenyon has once again created a world into which one blissfully disappears, replete with magic and monsters, romance and reigning dynasties, set upon the fragile social scaffolding of mid-nineteenth century England. The story is, literally and figuratively, a bridge between the mystical and and the very real, Image 4with a young heroine who a delivers a deliciously vicarious ride.  A Thousand Perfect Things is a masterwork from the mind of one of our best authors of compelling alternate realities.” –Larry Brooks, Author of Story Physicsindian marriage


If you enjoy the book, I would love to have a review from you on Amazon!

What to do while you’re waiting to get published

Recently someone told me that they’re a finalist in a writing competition at a major  conference. They were excited, and I was excited for them. It may not seem to non-writers that this is a very big deal. Most people just want to know if they’ve ever read anything you’ve written or when you story will be made into a movie. (I trust my readers here would never make these comments to a writer!)

The fact is, it’s rather hard to get a publisher these days (unless it’s DIY) so what do you do while you’re waiting for a break?

Well write, of course. But then? I like the idea of entering a writing contest. Read More…