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An introvert’s guide to writing: Part 8

The Vortex

Introversion, as I have been keen to point out in earlier posts on this subject, is a fine thing. There is much to recommend it to authors, especially in the internet age.


Black hole

The Great Introvert Vortex

Being one does not give carte blanche for you to enter the Introvert Vortex. I trust you know what this Vortex is, and that you are exerting  proper gravitational controls. For the Great Introvert Vortex is that black hole at the center of one’s being that represents the extreme end of the lovely life that is the introvert’s. Read More…

An introvert’s guide to writing – Part 7

It’s time for introverted writers to get their booster shot.

You know, that little shot of self-esteem that is so needed in our incessantly chatty, bloviating world of self-promotion and self-invention.

It’s a world in which introverts find themselves a distinct–and mistrusted–minority. But before we stake out our claim to respect, let’s define, once again, what an introvert is. There’s a lot of confusion about this topic.

Introvert stereotypes

This section is for introverts. I would love for extroverts to read this and understand–perhaps even change their attitudes toward us, but they won’t. Extroverts can’t fathom why introverts are as they are, and why they are content being as they are. But let’s us, at least, be clear about who we aren’t.

  • Shy. You may be both shy and an introvert, but that’s like saying you may be an introvert and a redhead. Shyness and introversion are not related, but they present in a similar fashion, so are often confused. Introverts like to talk and meet people. It’s just that they don’t like to talk a lot and meet too many people at once. Read More…

An Introvert’s Guide to Worldcon

This is part of my series “An Introvert’s Guide to Writing.” For more tips on going to conventions see post #5 in the Introvert series.

I’m going to Reno next week along with several thousand others, many of whom will, like me, wish they were somewhere else. Like in the hotel room writing or watching “House” reruns.

Why go to these endless networking confabs? People who say “To see my friends!” are doubtless looking forward to the dozens of close friends they have made in the biz. Maybe even hundreds of best friends! However, for the introvert, we are happy to see friends, of course, but both of them live in Indiana. So why are we going to Reno?

1. Because we learn stuff.

2. Because we may be able to do business with editors and collaborators.

3. And because, like it or not, we shall meet people.

Here is the thing about meeting people

The world is run by people, the writing/publishing business is run by people and the people we meet may know someone else who knows someone else who will be fun or productive to know. Thus, meeting people at conventions is a very nice door into the world you are trying to break into.

It just won’t happen all at once or all at one convention. It will be incremental. Read More…

An Introvert’s Guide to Writing #5

World Fantasy Convention is coming up this week, so it’s time once again, dear introverts, to talk about socializing. I see the look on your face. But, come on. Is this subject any more noxious than say, dieting or job hunting? Then let’s stop hyperventilating and bravely proceed.

The Secret Meeting Place of Cons

Since my second blog post on Writing for Introverts covered conventions in general, this time we’re going to look at something quite specific. In fact right here and now we’re going to discuss the biggest convention secret for newbies: The convention happens in the hotel bar.

If you want to hobnob with authors and editors, you gotta go to the bar. If you want to meet other fans, park bottom in bar stool. Sometimes people start drinking about 4:00 or 5:00, but at least by 6:00, folks start gathering in the hotel bar in solemn preparation for going out to dinner.

Getting Past the Door

So. How to force yourself to walk into the bar. Because, of course, everyone is sitting around tables engaging in lively and witty conversation. And you would rather stick toothpicks in your cheeks than walk into this closed circle, right? Read More…

An Introvert’s Guide to Writing #4

10 Tips to Building Relationships

What do relationships have to do with writing? Plenty. In your writing career you will have relationships with other writers, book editors, magazine editors, agents, booksellers and a bunch more. What all these entities have in common is that they’re people, and as such they have finely-tuned social skills, emotional reactions, and cultural reflexes. They respond immediately and strongly to other people, even when they look like they aren’t paying attention. They are. They can’t help it.

If you’re making a good impression (versus a painfully convoluted or negative one) they’ll tend to ask you for stories, agree to represent you, hand sell your book, and retweet your most interesting comments. Read More…