Latest News

September, 2019

♠ Watch my blog and/or newsletter for the announcement of a 99¢ sale on one of my novels in early October. (Sign up here for newsletter, if so inclined!)

♣ I’m settling down to a new novel project at last. I’ve been torn between (among) several ideas, one fantasy and several SF, and took stabs at a few pages of each, finally deciding none of them was quite right. I reworked one of my concepts, and this MAY be the one. I’ll tell more about it in the coming months. (Yeah, I’m pretty tight-lipped about works in progress, mostly because of a sense that if you tell your ideas, you don’t feel so compelled to Write them.)

♠ I’ll be in Edmonds, WA the weekend of October 5 & 6 for the Write on the Sound conference. This is about a 2.5 hour drive from Wenatchee, where I live (Eastern Washington) and it’ll be great to be back where I spent so many years of my life. I’m teaching a couple of classes . . . HOWEVER, I believe WOTS is sold out now, but check it out for next year. They were my inspiration for starting the Write on the River conference (now year-round writing organization.) Thank you WOTS!

July, 2019

♠ Hurrah! My collection, Worlds Near and Far is now available in eBook at most e-retailers ($2.99) and in print on Amazon ($6.99). Here’s the blurb: Close encounters with avatars, alien life, evolved space ships, and a new green world where metal bows down to the seeds of time. (And yes, there is a butterfly in one story.) I LOVE this cover!

June, 2019

♣ Having fun putting together my second short story collection. (See March news for first.) I’m worried that these collections are taking me away from novel-writing, but I’ve been meaning to do collections for all my previously published short stories for some time, and I figure there’ll Never be an ideal time, so by this summer was my goal to put up my short fiction in collections. Yes, I’m publishing them myself, and making sure they’re up at all e-retailers, not just amazon. (Yipes, for a steep learning curve!) BTW, if you have an interest in putting up your own work, I’ve found a dandy source of inexpensive artwork by a fellow who’ll also design the cover text. Site is

April, 2019

♣ I’ve got a new workshop! I’m excited to put together a class on some of the beginning errors I’m seeing in manuscripts that I review. (Not that I critique manuscripts very often; but I do in my seminar (see March news, below) and sometimes I offer critiques when I participate in SFF cons or mainstream conventions. Anyway, the workshop is called Seven Slippery Sins, and it will deal with writing maxims that may be helpful but also may lead us astray. (Therefore slippery!) I’ll debut this workshop at Willamette Writers in August and at Write on the Sound in Edmonds, WA in October.

March, 2019

♣ My science fiction short story collection is now available in paper. I got to hold my first collection in my hands this month–I am so proud of that slim volume!

♣ I’ve been quite busy this month with my writing seminar, Creating the Novel. I call it a seminar, because I limit this annual spring event (OK, this is the only the second year) to 6 students. We meet bi-weekly, and cover novels from A to Z. Or maybe skipping the vowels, so B to Z, because I’m always sure I’m missing some dreadfully important aspects and ruining writers for life. I’m sort of kidding. But students expect me to be an expert after 15 novels, and I keep thinking, are you kidding? I know someone who’s written 40 novels!

♣ I’ve been on a reading binge of Bernard Cornwall books–you know Sharpe’s Rifles, and the Saxon tales. I do love historical fiction; thus: my Dark Talents trilogy which was so much fin to write! (Although I had written one other historical fantasy, A Thousand Perfect Things.)

February, 2019

♣ My eBook short story collection is now published at all on-line retailers! The title is Dystopia, Seven Dark and Hopeful Tales. Offered at a special price of $2.99. This is my first collection, bringing together stories previously published in anthologies all the way back to 2003. I expect to bring it out in paperback in a few weeks. I’m excited to see some of my favorites brought together in one place!

♣ Nest of the Monarch is coming out in two months, and I’ve got a few signings and conferences planned. (This is book 3 of the trilogy.) Check them out here, but one that is still up in the air is Willamette Writers Conference. I’ll add it if confirmed. Monarch is on pre-order, BTW!

♣ I am housebound, along with my cat Winston. We’ve had a foot of snow and more on the way. This IS Eastern Washington, so we live in snow country here, but even by local standards, it’s been a prodigious snowfall. Temperatures in the teens for two weeks. The cat screams to go out, but when I open the door, he balks. Guess we’ll spend our time on the couch with blanket, computer and To Do list. Actually, it’s all pretty cozy and I’m getting tons done. As for what I’m writing now, I am on the fence between several stories that are calling me. This is a rather unusual situation for me, and it’s throwing me off my stride. Winston is impatient with this sort of angst. Must make a decision.

January, 2019

♠   Last month I had two or three days basking in the thrill of a starred review from Publishers Weekly for Nest of the Monarch (coming April 16). A great review is always cause for a toast, but you can’t live on reviews–and in the end, I’m not sure what lasting impression they make. So I’m over it, but nevertheless thrilled with the critical reception the Dark Talents trilogy has had.

♠  I’m publishing a collection of short stories. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. It’s called Dystopia: Seven dark and hopeful tales. These are my favorite previously published post-apocalyptic and dystopian short stories. Sometimes an author’s short work is hard to find, so I thought it would be fun to publish it all together.  Watch for it soon at your favorite online retailer.

♠   I’ll be giving a 6-week novel seminar this spring in Wenatchee WA where I live. Sometimes I wonder if I do aspiring authors a favor by encouraging them to get in this business! But who am I to say who might have a glorious career waiting in the wings? It’s also something of a relief to get out of my own  head and work with other writers. And I enjoy how teaching challenges my assumptions about Story and what makes one tick.