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January, 2019

♠   Last month I had two or three days basking in the thrill of a starred review from Publishers Weekly for Nest of the Monarch (coming April 16). A great review is always cause for a toast, but you can’t live on reviews–and in the end, I’m not sure what lasting impression they make. So I’m over it, but nevertheless thrilled with the critical reception the Dark Talents trilogy has had.

♠   My latest writing project is something I’ve never tried before – an epic fantasy! I’m taking it slow, testing the plot and characters, so I have no idea when in might be finished, much less published. But I think I may be well-suited to the genre since many of my books have been large-canvas stories involving the fate of a world, or even–as in the The Entire and The Rose–a whole galaxy.

♠  I’m publishing a collection of short stories. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. It’s called Dystopia: Seven dark and hopeful tales. These are my favorite previously published post-apocalyptic and dystopian short stories. Sometimes an author’s short work is hard to find, so I thought it would be fun to publish it all together.  Watch for it soon at your favorite online retailer.

♠   I’ll be giving a 6-week novel seminar this spring in Wenatchee WA where I live. Sometimes I wonder if I do aspiring authors a favor by encouraging them to get in this business! But who am I to say who might have a glorious career waiting in the wings? It’s also something of a relief to get out of my own  head and work with other writers. And I enjoy how teaching challenges my assumptions about Story and what makes one tick.