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Psi-Talents have come into the world as a result of the catastrophic suffering of World War I. Before that time, fear and prejudice had suppressed these natural abilities that some people are born with. This list summarizes the Talents known by what would become the Allied powers in World War II. They are further described in the Bloom Book, excerpts of which appear in Book 2 of the Dark Talents trilogy, Serpent in the Heather. In each book a new Talent is discovered, but to avoid spoilers, they aren’t shown here.

(Y or N indicates if the ability is under the control of the practitioner–(otherwise the Talent shows up randomly.) “Always on” means the Talent is always manifesting.

HYPERPERSONAL (Influence over others)

spill —Causing others to reveal secrets. Affected by strong desire to hide. N

trauma view — Viewpoint of person’s past disturbing experience. Affected by emotional intensity. N

natural defence (British spelling) — The individual can’t be affected by any hyperpersonal talent. Always on.

conceptor — Emotional persuasion. Always on.

mesmerizing — Objects have a decrease in judgment. Y

disguise — Apparent changes to the body. Y

attraction — Exert charisma. Always on.

 suggestion — Sow an impression or fact in object’s mind. Y

MENTATION (Higher knowing)

hypercognition — Lightning fast deductions. N

precognition — Perceive potential future events, particularly those with high emotional intensity. N

object reading — Uncover details of an object’s previous owner. Affected by emotional intensity. Y

hyperempathy — Detect emotions, especially strong ones or those associated with tension. Always on.

site view — Gain historical vision in a location. Affected by emotional intensity. N

PSYCHOKINESIS (Changes to objects, environment)

darkening — Dispel light. Y

damaging — Break/disintegrate objects & man made items. Y

sounding — Release noise that instills fear. Y

transport — Move objects. Y

◊   To avoid spoilers, some Talents aren’t listed here.  ◊

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