A more-or-less complete listing of novels by pub date.

At the Table of Wolves


The Dark Talents Novels:

Book 3: Nest of the Monarch (April  16, 2019)

Book 2: Serpent in the Heather (2018)

Book 1: At the Table of Wolves (2017)


First fantasy novels:

Queen of the Deep (2015)

A Thousand Perfect Things (2013)

The Entire and The Rose quartet:

Book. 4: Prince of Storms (2010)

Book  3: City Without End (2009)

Book. 2: A World Too Near (2008)

Book. 1: Bright of the Sky (2007)


First science fiction novels: (Reissued 2014)

The Braided World (2003)

Maximum Ice (2002)

The Tropic of Creation (2000)

Rift (1999)

The Seeds of Time (1997)



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