“Fascinatingly conceived, brilliantly handled.”–Mike Resnick



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The world of the Palazzo: a magical ship which is both a colossal ocean liner and a Renaissance kingdom. Ruling over its denizens–both human and otherwise–is an exotic and dangerous queen. Jane Gray is lost in a dazzling world of court intrigue and deadly intent. To find her way home, Jane must discover who–or what–guides the Palazzo, and what is the urgent secret of its endless voyage.

“Kay Kenyon has always been a world-builder extraordinaire, and in her new fantasy she creates an alternate reality that is romantic, theatrical, magical—and full of dangerous secrets.” —Sharon Shinn

“Hidden in the cellar of a little girl’s memory is a door to a bizarre, watery universe. Author Kay Kenyon has not only found that door but propped it open for the rest of us to follow her in.” –David Marusek

Reissue of five early novels!

An eBook reissue. Watch for staggered releases of five science fiction titles, continuing through April 2015. Available now: The Seeds of Time, Tropic of Creation. Coming soon: The P.K. Dick short-listed Maximum Ice.

Coming March 3

Maximum Ice

Short-listed for the P.K. Dick Award

“A uniquely powerful tale reminiscent of Greg Bear.” —Booklist

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Zoya Kundara has lived on the space vessel Star Road for 250 years. As Ship Mother, she is awakened from Deep Sleep in times of crisis, providing counsel to generations of its Romany crew. Now the ship has returned home, only to discover an Earth blanketed in a pearl-white mantle called Ice–a grand and mysterious ecology of information-bearing crystals.

To find a home for her crew, Zoya must approach the denizens of this  new Earth: The Ice Nuns, who seek sole control of the physics-defying crystals; people huddled like moles in underground techno-warrens; and the snow witches, both mad and prophetic . . . and one in particular, who will defend the kingdom of Ice with power and immortal cunning.

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The Seeds of Time

“A winning heroine, a gripping adventure.” –Publishers Weekly

The Seeds of Time by Kay KenyonTime travel was never like this–tied to the motions of the stars, a short cut across the galaxy, and–if you’re a rare Dive pilot–a chance to be a hero. Clio Finn is one of these, a space pilot on the run from a dystopian and graying Earth toward the only future she ever wanted: the stars. Problem is, she’s on the razor edge of burnout. Next stop: a labor camp in dictatorial America.

Clio might be in it for escape, for adventure, but there’s also that hero thing. Her mission: to retrieve viable biota to reseed the Earth. Now, a long way from home, she’s found the jackpot, a lush paradise, with plant life so vital, its seeds could give Earth a second chance, or–as her enemies believe–seal its destruction. But she’s determined to bring her payload home. It’s Clio Finn’s last Dive. It’s Earth’s last chance.


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Tropic of Creation

“Ranks with such science fiction greats as Frank Herbert and Orson Scott Card.” — Publishers Weekly (starred review)

Tropic of Creation by Kay KenyonHalf of known space is littered with the skeletons of metal and bone from thirty years of war with the ahtra. Now, Captain Eli Dammond has landed on a deserted planet to rescue survivors of a crashed space ship. In his charge is Sascha, the fourteen-year-old granddaughter of a general.

But the planet is not what it seems. It is about to undergo a radical seasonal change, one that will hatch frightening creatures. There are few refuges from the rampaging season. One is deep underground. It’s no place for a human army officer, as Eli will learn. The other is in the the nests of the monsters themselves. Not that the intrepid Sascha ever had a choice. As her time runs out, Eli must break free of his captors before his crew is wiped out and Sascha is forever changed.


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A Thousand Perfect Things

9781624670954A Victorian woman takes on magical beasts, ghosts, and the British Raj.

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In an alternate 19th century, there are two warring continents on an reimagined earth: the scientific Anglica (England) and magical Bharata (India). Emboldened by her grandfather’s final whispered secret of a magical lotus, Tori Harding, a young Victorian woman and aspiring botanist, must journey to Bharata, with its magics, intrigues and ghosts, to claim her fate. There she will face a choice between two suitors and two irreconcilable realms.

“Deep and interesting worldbuilding; strongly designed and focused protagonist; interesting social commentary and thematic resonances. . . . A strong turn into pure fantasy for Kay Kenyon.” –SF Signal

“A heady mix of romance, history, action & adventure.” — Sleeping Hedgehog Review

“Beautifully written, emotional, full of adventure, scandal and intrigue.” –Adventures in Sci-Fi Publishing

“A smart, engaging fantasy.” –Milwaukee Journal Sentine

a book I just could not out down. This was my first Kay Kenyon book and I was super impressed. I have a new favorite author.”- NetGalley Reviewer – See more at: http://www.kaykenyon.com/#sthash.fr3m7IJC.dpuf
a book I just could not out down. This was my first Kay Kenyon book and I was super impressed. I have a new favorite author.”- NetGalley Reviewer – See more at: http://www.kaykenyon.com/#sthash.fr3m7IJC.dpuf

“A masterwork from the mind of one of our best authors of compelling alternate realities.” –Larry Brooks

The Entire and The Rose

The Entire and the Rose quartet introduces a unique milieu: the Entire, a universe without stars and planets and that, in effect, tunnels through our own. The immense lid of its sky waxes and wanes, bringing day and twilight. In this setting, the celebrated series chronicles the journey of Titus Quinn through a land of wonders.

“A splendid fantasy quest as compelling as anything by Stephen R. Donaldson, Philip Jose Farmer or yes, J. R. R. Tolkien.” —The Washington Post


Bright of the Sky

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A World Too Near


City Without End


Prince of Storms


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