Dystopia: Seven Dark and Hopeful Tales

My first collection of short stories!

Enter seven dystopian worlds inspired by the Singularity, designer medicine, a few all-too-possible oppressive ideologies and, of course, the plain-old end of the world.

$2.99 at all e-retailers.

Available in print format!




Stories available as Singles

The Book of Faces web

The Book of Faces

– A young girl does not fit into a society of surface perfection. 3,700 words.

$.99 at Amazon.

First published in New Voices in Science Fiction, 2003.




The Last Wave

– Over time, people start to love their monsters. Nessie: the real story. 3,400 words.

$.99 at Amazon.

First published in I, Alien, 2005.





Castoff World web

Castoff World

– The refuge: An island of garbage in the Pacific Ocean carrying water bottles, turtles, volley balls, ghost nets, and a little girl living on her wits and dreams. 5,100 words.

$.99 at Amazon.

First published in Shine: An Anthology of Near-Future Optimistic Science Fiction, 2010



The Spires of Greme web

The Spires of Greme

– When the world grows allergic to us, we will live in spires. 6,500 words.

$.99 at Amazon.

First Published in Solaris Rising 2, 2013.




Kingdom Come web

Kingdom Come

In the world of The Seeds of Time: An old spacer on earth confront alien biota on the march. 2,700 words.

$.99 at Amazon.

First Published in Women Writing Science Fiction as Men, 2003.

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