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Realms of Fantasy Review

I have just gotten ahold of a nice review for A World Too Near, though it appeared in June.

Realms of Fantasy reviewer Jeff VanderMeer wrote:
“The second book in Kay Kenyon’s The Entire and The Rose series contintues the promise shown in book one, Bright of the Sky, a favorite of mine last year. The Entire is a marvelous parallel universe that includes a galaxy-spanning river and is populated by any number of amazing people and creatures.” Read More…

Omnivoracious Calls Series a Classic

A very generous review from Jeff VanderMeer at Omnivoracious.

Suggesting that The Entire and The Rose is “part of a modern classic,” he says that “Bright of the Sky and just-released A World Too Near feature a brilliant SF setting that rivals Larry Niven’s Ringworld and Philip Jose Farmer’s Riversworld series for sheer invention, adventure, complexity, and sense of wonder.”

Check out this Amazon blog, anyway, if you haven’t already. Their motto: “Hungry for the next good book.”

SF Site Reviews A World Too Near

A very nice SF Site review from Greg. L. Johnson on A World Too Near. Aside from saying that he was “happy to read about life in the Entire but wouldn’t necessarily want to live there,” Greg really liked Book 2 of my series. The salient, closing paragraph:

“The Entire and the Rose is an on-going work, one that has already taken us to one of the most imaginative creations in recent science fiction history. A World Too Near immerses us in that creation, and pulls us even deeper into the story of a man who wishes nothing more than to be reunited with his family. That combination of story and setting makes for a novel that races from one peril to the next, and leaves the reader eagerly waiting for the next installment in the series.”