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City Without End Wins Silver Spectrum Award

Here is the “freaking gorgeous” cover artwork (as one reader put it) for City Without End, next year’s third book in my series, The Entire and The Rose. For this cover, Stephan Martiniere has just won the Silver Spectrum award, novel category. This cover may surpass the covers he’s already done for The Entire and The Rose–and that’s after I thought he’d already created the ultimate knock-out covers for Bright of the Sky and A World Too Near! (To see these covers, click here.)

I am enormously grateful to Stephan Martiniere for so gloriously capturing the world of the Entire, and lavishing his amazing talent on my stories.

Since I don’t seem to be able quite yet to negotiate LJ renditions of these kinds of files, I urge you to take a look at this cover on Pyr’s blog.

A World Too Near Arrives!

Thrilled to announce that A World Too Near is now in stock at Amazon! (And signed copies can be shipped from A Book For All Seasons.) A World Too Near is Book Two of the series that began with Bright of the Sky. It has received a starred review in Publishers Weekly, and was described by Booklist as a story of “Intense action,” with the world “a vibrant, fascinating place.” Read More…

Writing contests

In front of me is a stack of writing contest entries. I look at this pile of letters and emails and feel a jolt of nostalgia. My career started with a literary contest, and now our local writing conference is giving new writers that same chance. It gives me pause to remember how it felt to write alone, hoard my manuscripts, and wonder what is the point, and is this stuff any good?

I won a novel contest in a big conference (PNWA) some years ago… geez, a lot of years ago now, and in the audience for the awards ceremony was someone named Don Maass. Read More…

“Bright” makes VanderMeer’s Best of the Year

Happy to note that, on Locus Online, Jeff VanderMeer lists Bright of the Sky as among the best books of 2007. He says:(‘Cause I know you’re curious!)

“Unique in conception, like Larry Niven’s Ringworld, this is the beginning to what should be an amazing SF-Fantasy series.”

Other books were: The Terror (Dan Simmons), Brasyl (Ian McDonald), Thirteen (Richard Morgan), Territory (Emma Bull) Zeroville (Steven Erickson), The Traitor (Michael Cisco), The Stone Gods (Jeanette Winterson) and Shelter (Susan Palwick)

Greg L. Johnson’s Best of 2007

Greg L. Johnson of SFSite has posted his best of 2007 — his top ten books of the year, and Bright of the Sky came in #1! He says the book “lies somewhere between Gene Wolfe’s The Book of the Sun and Karl Schroeder’s Ventus, and was, for me, the one book of the year that, once I started reading, was impossible to put down.”

Others were: #2, Brasyl (Ian Mc Donald), #3, In War Times (Kathleen Ann Goonan), #4 Sixty Days and Counting (Kim Stanley Robinson) and #5 Territory (Emma Bull).

Complete list here.