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SF Site calls it a classic

Got to point to SF Site’s review of City WithoutEnd. Greg L. Johnson said:

“. . . a series that wowed at the beginning for the complexity and creativity of its invented setting, earning comparisons to classics like Riverworld and Ringworld, has now filled that setting with characters whose motives and aspirations are often hidden and always conflicting, a situation that makes The Entire and the Rose at least as comparable to Dune and the tension-filled novels of C.J. Cherryh as it is those other works. Which means that at the end of City Without End, even though several story lines have been concluded, a couple in surprising and dramatic fashion, the crux of the problem still remains. Titus Quinn’s family and loved ones are scattered across two different universes, and whether he can save or hold on to any of it remains in serious doubt. The stage is now set for the final volume in what is already looking like one of the classic science fiction series of our time.

Read the whole review here.

Wanna be entranced? on City Without End:

“Lush, captivating and entrancing – City Without End is both a solid novel on its own and a great furthering of the story Kenyon is telling in this saga. There was a strong sense of closure upon the conclusion of the volume, but the unresolved plot elements still linger enough that the concluding volume Prince of Storms will be most welcome upon its publication.” —

Full review.

Signed copies.

“City” is Vicious

Fantasy Magazine (Joe Sherry) reviewed City Without End, calling aspects of it “vicious and beautiful” and urging folks “not to miss a single word.” Very generous review. Also gave the opinion that City Without End is better than A World Too Near which was in turn better than Bright of the Sky, and Bright of the Sky was “a strong opening volume.”  Now I’m *really* nervous about volume four!

“City Without End” Earns Applause

SFRevu posted a stellar review for City Without End.

“Kay Kenyon’s epic series, The Entire and the Rose, grows stronger with each new volume. This may well be the most ambitious epic science fiction series of the current decade. . . . Very highly recommended.”

Hot review for “City Without End”

Pat’s Fantasy Hot List on “City Without End” Book 3 of the quartet:

“The Entire and the Rose is without a doubt one of the most fascinating scifi series on the market today.

In City Without End, Kenyon elevates this series to new heights. Building on its predecessors, this third volume moves the plot like never before, setting the stage for what is shaping up to be one grand finale.”