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Imitating greatness

The writer’s calling is a noble one. It’s a very fine thing that we do in the world–creating stories and putting them out there. But it’s all based on thievery.

If your goal is to be utterly original, you are not really in the club. The club might not be what yougodfather think, by the way. That cliquish, exalted club of multi-published authors is actually comprised of a rather a shop-worn crew sitting in seen-better-day leather chairs, given to doodling on napkins and rehashing old plot lines of dog-eared books and obscure movies. They are brilliant, to be sure. But they’re not cutting edge types. Read More…

Daydreaming for Type As

I just read an article about daydreaming that claims it’s good for you. Wow. Is this like being told that dark chocolate will firm your abs? I love this.

Daydreaming, the article says, isn’t a waste of time or self-indulgence. Seems that using MRI scans, neuroscientists saw that when daydreaming a part of the brain “lights up” — a region of the brain dedicated to high-level thought and problem-solving. We may not be paying direct attention but the mind is at work on big stuff. Read More…