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Women spies of the World Wars: Nancy Wake

At the Table of Wolves, historical fantasyMany women worked undercover during the world wars, but we know the names of only a few. Like men in the secret intelligence services, many went to their graves never revealing their roles. This blog series highlights a few that inspired me while writing At the Table of Wolves.

Nancy Wake

Nancy Wake, Spy of World War IIA decorated heroine of the French resistance in World War II, Nancy Wake’s life cut a meteoric path from an impoverished childhood in Australia to a high society hostess in the south of France and then, in occupied France, being responsible for saving hundreds of Allied soldiers’ lives, many of them downed paratroopers, by leading them across the Pyrenees to safety in Spain.

She said that she saw no reason why women should be limited to waving goodbye to their men and sitting at home to “knit balaclavas.”

The Gestapo noted her uncanny ability to elude capture, calling her “the White Mouse,” and putting a price of 5 million francs on her head. Read More…