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Good books lately

I’ve curled up with some lovely reads lately. Here’s a list of my recommended reads, ranging from fantasy to mystery, thriller and suspense.

Deadly Faux – Larry Brooks

Deadly fauxThis ingenious thriller features one of the genre’s best characters, Wolf Schmidt. He’s cynical, out for himself, and has a mouth that will kill him someday – but he’s also sweet, scary smart and sexy. Brooks keeps him believably on the edge of truly appalling danger, while getting laughs in all the right places. For a double treat, pick up the first Schmidt book, Bait and Switch. (Thriller)




Hull Zero Three – Greg Bear

Hull zero 3A wildly inventive story of a generation ship run amok. I loved how the main character grew, coming into his memories and his humanity. This was accomplished with a deft touch, humor and mystery. The generation ship is a sheer marvel, technically wondrous and fittingly strange. Stunning work. One of Greg Bear’s best. (Science Fiction)




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Book launch in Pacific NW

Image 4 - Version 2 I’ve been on the road for three days, participating in SFWA’s Reading Series in Kirkland WA and Portland OR. It was amazing to see old friends in Kirkland, where a bunch of folks turned up for my reading with Greg Bear and Peter Orullian.

Image 2

Me, Greg Bear, Peter Orullian in Kirkland


Peter, Kay, Terry

The rule was to read from a work in progress, so I tried out the first chapter of my current project, a historical fantasy set in Great Britain, the interwar years. It was great fun to see the reaction, very positive. I signed copies of A Thousand Perfect Things, which is speeding out into the world, after a three year process of writing it!

Greg Bear wowed us with a glimpse of his work in progress, and in Portland, Terry Brooks did a test run of the opening of his new SF novel. (Loved it.)

Duane Wilkins did a fantastic job with books for the Seattle area event, and Wrigley Cross in Portland sold out of A Thousand Perfect Things.

I loved talking to Shelley Rae Clift, John Pitts, David Levine, Art Boulton Tracy Erickson, Joel Pearson, Roz Greenberg, Carol and Ed Morrison and many more. Thanks to everyone who turned out for this lovely SFWA quarterly event! #SFWAauthors


Kay and Terry Brooks

Worldcon There and Back

Just back from Denvention, after a late flight out of Denver and spending the night in Seattle with Louise Marley. A great worldcon–there’s nothing quite like worldcon–but smaller than usual, and in a venue spread all over the place. I hung out with Louise and Sharon Shinn (Twelve Houses series, Samaria), had panels on myth, writing “101” and, yes, quantum physics, in which I represented the fictional viewpoint, natch. Read More…