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Pacing in Fiction

I’ve been thinking about pacing, and what a judgment call this aspect of fiction requires. Repetitive and unnecessary words, paragraphs, and scenes can suck the life out of a story. I tend to write longish and cut back in the rewrite phase. But I also try to forestall poor pacing with some diagnostic questions; see below.

Pacing is the speed at which you tell your story. How quickly are you forwarding and deepening the plot? Is it too fast, appearing rushed? Too slow, losing the reader’s interest? Read More…

Readercon Riff #2

Belatedly, more on Readercon:

From my workshop on scene building and story boarding:
In response to a blog or two I’ve seen on my workshop, there are some questions about using a checklist to roughly and lightly plan out a scene. Some wonder if planning scenes makes for too much work. Read More…