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Readercon, the thinking person’s con

Readercon got underway Thursday with some big intellectual panels (OK, most panels here are Big Intellectual) with a lovely panel on Revolutionary Movements in the field. We heard about Mundanity (no, Goeff Ryman says, they’re not trying to keep us from writing off-planet adventures. . .) and Cyberpunk — and how these movements productively shake up the status quo. They even talked about the New Wave, but no one brought up feminist sf as a movement, a really odd lapse, I thought. Read More…

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Readercon Riff #2

Belatedly, more on Readercon:

From my workshop on scene building and story boarding:
In response to a blog or two I’ve seen on my workshop, there are some questions about using a checklist to roughly and lightly plan out a scene. Some wonder if planning scenes makes for too much work. Read More…

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Readercon Redux

Back from Readercon in Massachusetts. My first time there, and I’m going back, definitely. Met a great bunch of readers, made lists of books I-must-read-immediately, or at least before I die, gave presentations, did panels, saw some good friends, made some new ones, signed books there and at local bookstores, and of course, bought too many books. Read More…

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