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The return of RIFT.

rift for webSo pleased to present the re-issue of RIFT with a lovely Matt Forsyth cover!

When terraforming comes unraveled.

Colonists have terraformed the planet Lithia, but now the green biosphere is unraveling. In its place is the old Lithia, toxic to some, preferable to others, including the alien orthong.

Reeve Calder is determined to make a home on the planet, but he is a newcomer, soon to encounter the powerful forces already embedded in the transforming ecology.



Diary of the Writing Life

I recently came a cross a note I slipped into a novel file. Every now and then I pen a few lines about how the writing life is going, and this time it was after finishing a first draft of a novel. How strange to read a note from myself, twelve years younger, six books ago!

Now, I don’t keep a diary, exactly. But I do keep a big notebook for each novel. Sometimes, to start the writing day, I pen a few lines about how it’s going, my attitude, or a big event in my mundane life. Like “On plane home from Hawaii,” or “Just back from the funeral.” Read More…