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Three Things to See Before You Die

I am really stupid with jet lag. But not too stupid to look at my pictures. Here are some favs, including three places you must see during your lifetime because you will seriously regret it if you don’t (says I, who have made up most of the places I’ve gone, if that makes any sense!)

#1 The Plaza Mayor of Salamanca.

#2 The walled city of Avila

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1000 miles of Spain

Salamanca has an “old” church and a “new” one. The new one was built in the sixteenth century. This nueva catedral is the most fabulous church that I´ve seen with massive, fluted pillars rising to the heights and making one feel appropriately humble. The altars are ornamented in the most unbelievable fashion. But the old church stole my heart. It is 12th century, and its simplicity and plain song atmosphere made us linger. Read More…

Sunflowers in Spain

Day Five in Spain. I thought I would be over jet lag by now, but no, it hovers. I think this is because all your plans for getting on European time are defeated by a further happentstance: Dinner is not served until 9:00 p.m. and at midnight the children are still kicking soccer balls in the plaza and the sangria is still flowing. So, what to do, if you`re used to getting up at 6:00 a.m.? A: Stop it!

In Madrid, you mustn´t drive a car. No one should really drive a car, because you must drive down narrow streets at the speed of light, and pedestrians languidly step onto the curb just in time. Read More…