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Top 10 Writing the World posts of 2012

Happy New Year, friends!Photo on 2012-05-07 at 18.06

I had fun digging in this year to discover what I believe about writing and what I believe can be taught and shared.

Thank you for a great year — one that included having Writing the World tapped as a Writing Blog of the Week by

The Best of My Blog This Year

This Year No Excuses

Turn, Turn, Turn (Publishing Industry Turmoil) Read More…

Writing in Scenes, part 2

Last time I talked about writing in scenes: what they are and how they can discipline your writing. But not all scenes are equal.

We all know that some scenes need to carry more weight than others. But which ones? And where do they fit in a novel’s architecture? While there are competing views on what the scaffolding of a novel should be, I’m going to give you the leading one, and the one I use.

There are six crucial scenes that bring your story into focus. Each should be an emotionally charged packet of drama that turns the protagonist’s fortunes (a reversal.) Read More…

Readercon Riff #2

Belatedly, more on Readercon:

From my workshop on scene building and story boarding:
In response to a blog or two I’ve seen on my workshop, there are some questions about using a checklist to roughly and lightly plan out a scene. Some wonder if planning scenes makes for too much work. Read More…