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An Introvert’s Guide to Writing #5

World Fantasy Convention is coming up this week, so it’s time once again, dear introverts, to talk about socializing. I see the look on your face. But, come on. Is this subject any more noxious than say, dieting or job hunting? Then let’s stop hyperventilating and bravely proceed.

The Secret Meeting Place of Cons

Since my second blog post on Writing for Introverts covered conventions in general, this time we’re going to look at something quite specific. In fact right here and now we’re going to discuss the biggest convention secret for newbies: The convention happens in the hotel bar.

If you want to hobnob with authors and editors, you gotta go to the bar. If you want to meet other fans, park bottom in bar stool. Sometimes people start drinking about 4:00 or 5:00, but at least by 6:00, folks start gathering in the hotel bar in solemn preparation for going out to dinner.

Getting Past the Door

So. How to force yourself to walk into the bar. Because, of course, everyone is sitting around tables engaging in lively and witty conversation. And you would rather stick toothpicks in your cheeks than walk into this closed circle, right? Read More…

RadCon schedule

The best little SF con in the world or at least in Eastern WA, the home of the celebrated brew, toxic waste, Radcon is coming Feb 12 to 14 in Pasco, Washington.

I’ll be there, along with a plethora of other SF/F writers, fans, and general celebrants, such as Kris Rusch, Ellen Datlow, Steven York, C.J. Cherryh and Louise Marley. Read More…