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An introvert’s guide to writing – Part 7

It’s time for introverted writers to get their booster shot.

You know, that little shot of self-esteem that is so needed in our incessantly chatty, bloviating world of self-promotion and self-invention.

It’s a world in which introverts find themselves a distinct–and mistrusted–minority. But before we stake out our claim to respect, let’s define, once again, what an introvert is. There’s a lot of confusion about this topic.

Introvert stereotypes

This section is for introverts. I would love for extroverts to read this and understand–perhaps even change their attitudes toward us, but they won’t. Extroverts can’t fathom why introverts are as they are, and why they are content being as they are. But let’s us, at least, be clear about who we aren’t.

  • Shy. You may be both shy and an introvert, but that’s like saying you may be an introvert and a redhead. Shyness and introversion are not related, but they present in a similar fashion, so are often confused. Introverts like to talk and meet people. It’s just that they don’t like to talk a lot and meet too many people at once. Read More…