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Excellent things that happened to me in 2013

Before we utterly leave behind the old year, I’m looking back in gratitude. I often remember the tough parts of the year: the set backs, the worries. Not today! I’m lookin’ at the good stuff, and making a proper list.

JAN: Started on a new novel idea. As I pulled the strands together, fell in love with it. A gift!

FEB: Shopped for a dress to wear for son’s wedding. (OK, it’s not about the dress. . .)

MAR: My publisher put the exact right cover on my upcoming book. (Thanks for all the help here on this blog!) Also published a short story, “The Spires of Greme,” in Solaris Rising 2.


APR: Went canoeing on the Columbia River (near my house) for the first time. Serene and beautiful! Read More…

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Solaris Rising 2: Release on Mar 26

Next Tuesday, the release of a terrific new SF anthology, Solaris Rising 2. It’s available for preorder SOLARIS RISE 2all over the known universe, including amazon, barnes and noble and indiebound.

I’m excited to be a part of this anthology with a line up of celebrated and new writers and edited by Ian Whates. My story is The Spires of Greme. Read More…

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