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U Bookstore Thoughts

I got over to the big city last week. Yup, a bookstore signing in Seattle. When you’ve been on the rural side of the mountains and drive into Seattle, it is strange how, um, big the place looks. All that concrete, oh my. But it also has a marvelous cadre of sf/f writers and readers, one of the main reasons I go back.

Duane Wilkins hosted Louise Marley (

), Alma Alexander, and myself at the University Book Store, and we read from our new books, ate Louise’s brownies, and signed a bunch of books. The place was filled, so we were happy, and I’m pretty sure Duane was happy. Got to keep Duane happy. What would the Seattle SF scene be without him? Read More…

Rats on Evil Stars

Kay and Brenda Cooper at U. Book Store in Seattle.

Brenda Cooper and I recently shared a headline event at U Book Store in Seattle. It was very interesting to hear her read from her new book, The Silver Ship and the Sea. She knows how to put emotional punch into a scene, and reads beautifully, besides. I didn’t think it was quite fair that she too had Stephan Martiniere cover. Hey, he’s My guy! Read More…