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Your Death Bed Scene

I was very surprised to hear crime novelist Elizabeth George say one time in a speech that she avoided writing novels for years, and only began when she asked herself what she wanted said of her after she died: That she was afraid to write? Or that she wrote a book. That was exactly how I found the courage to write.

I was afraid of failure, and doubtful of my ability. I procrastinated for years. It was all fear and nothing but fear, although I pretended that when my life got simpler I would write a book. (If you have young children, this may well be a decent excuse.) The only thing that got me started was a matching terror: that in my old age I would be full of regret over not having written a novel. I played ugly death bed scenes out in my mind. When I’d had enough, I sat down and began writing.

Procrastinators Take Heart

I don’t know why some people jump right in and try writing a novel, or take courses in writing and then, pluckily, take a shot at a novel. People with that kind of confidence are quite annoying to the rest of us. Read More…