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Women Spies of the World Wars: Violette Szabo

This blog series on women working undercover during the world wars highlights a few of the storiesAt the Table of Wolves, historical fantasy that inspired me while writing At the Table of Wolves which deals with the anti-fascist career of Kim Tavistock in the years leading up to WWII.

Violette Szabo was a French-born Englishwoman, one of the most decorated women of the SOE (Special Operations Executive). At the age of 20, having just lost her husband at El Alamein, she was eager to avenge his death and took training to serve as a courier to the French resistance.

SOE was always on the lookout for fluent French speakers, and Szabo came to their attention because she had been active with Britain’s Auxiliary Territorial Service in an anti-aircraft battery. Just 5’3″ her diminuitive size raised concerns when she was interviewed. But Szabo had always been athletic, and upon induction into SOE, took training in parachuting, weapons, and demolition. Read More…