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Top Writing the World Posts of 2013

High cat

Courage, faith, balance. Essentials for the writing life

This year on my blog I’ve had fun sharing my views, exploring the writing industry and tracking the launch of my new book.

I’m very grateful to those of you who drop by from time to time check out the goings on and say hello.  It’s nice to know we’re not alone in this rather hermit-like practice of writing.

So, many thanks for helping to make this a great year, one for which I am deeply thankful, at least today, when I consider how blessed I am to be able to write stories and have contact with so many friends and acquaintances!


The Best of My Blog This Year.

 The Next Fiction Dream Read More…

Thing I wish I’d Known

This is an update to my post “Things I Wish I’d Known” from December 2008 (Live Journal). Every now and then my perspective changes on the subject of Why in hell I didn’t figure this stuff out earlier. Here are my latest thoughts on the subject:


It’s been twelve years since I published my first novel, The Seeds of Time. Since then, I’ve published nine novels and a bunch of short stories. Below are a few things I wish someone had told me when I began.

  • Not selling your first novel is no predictor of how you’ll do in the industry. Many first novels are trunk books. You can—and likely will—go on to successes if you keep writing.
  • Second novels are often undertaken in giddy recklessness. I’ve sold my first novel, the second one is bound to be lovely. Think very carefully about that second one. Read More…

On a Bulletin Board This Week

I’m the guest this week at the LongRidge bulletin board, discussing:

  • Building the Story
  • Revision
  • Surviving in the Trenches

Mary Rosenblum, moderating.

You can sign in here, then Mary will approve you probably within a few hours. She won’t spam you, so just do a user name and password, you know the drill!