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It ain’t solitary confinement

I’ll be at World Fantasy in San Diego this week (see my schedule at bottom), and will be looking to do some business. But mostly, I’m going to see friends.

I hope, having said that, that I will not lose my membership in Introverts Anonymous.

Thing is, in this business you need a little help from your friends. Writing is a solitary endeavor, but it’s not solitary confinement. It’s hard to have a big success in this field, but working harder won’t necessarily make that happen. Actually, it’s far likelier to happen if you build a support group to help you stay balanced and achieve perspective.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that to be a writer you mostly have to hunker down and write. You do, of course, have to write. But you also have to survive the slings and arrows of a very tough business. For this, there is nothing like a friend.

If possible, a very close friend. A best pal can anchor you in the writing life, providing:

  • Advice and problem-solving.
  • A friendly ear when one hits bottom.
  • Someone who’ll applaud you without (too much) envy when a success comes.
  • A  companion for conferences and signings.
  • A mirror to your own writing life, to give perspective.
  • Source of laughs, gossip, and wisdom.
  • Dependable guerrilla marketing and cross-promotions with you. Read More…

An Introvert’s Guide to Writing #1

If you are a sociable writer with an outgoing personality and 800 Facebook  friends, hey, that’s cool. A lot of writers, though, aren’t and don’t. Some of us are more internally focused. Can you make it in the world of publishing if you’re the quiet type? I hope so, because I’m one of those. With these impeccable credentials, I hereby set out to guide other introverts in the wild world of publishing.

About Introversion

First, a word about introversion. It is not a disease, or a social handicap. Being an introvert does not mean you hate people, are irritable, or were too-soon potty-trained. Read More…