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The Power of Crap

Today’s meditation is on crap. You know, as in the kind that sells. The kind that you swear you will never, never write. Whether it’s a vampire novel, a heart-wringing romance, another wearying urban fantasy, the old elves and wizards stuff, gum shoe detective yarn, heart-pounding thriller or outrageous conspiracy tale about Jesus.

From this list pick the one you despise the most. Think of the author you just read who indulged in this tripe. You probably moaned to writer friends about how crap sells.

Now sit down and write some of that guano. Write a scene or two. Only write it better.

Yes, I’m suggesting that we give our most unfavorite kind of story a bit of a go.

If there’s a kind of story we really dislike, even hate, it may be the very place where a major learning experience can happen. Read More…