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The Big Dream

What is your writing dream? Is to finally break into publishing, to see your novel on the bookstore shelf and to enter into the elite club of novelists? If it is, you’re aim may be a tad off. I’ve been in that club for a bunch of years, and while I’m glad I belong, it’s not my goal.

I’m seeing a smoke-filled good-old-novelists’ club here. You’ve got the young Turks sitting at the back tables, gleeful over sales numbers and trying to act like they knew it all along. You’ve got the “I just signed a contract” newcomers seated near the door, hoping not to look too out of it. They spy the latest industry darling come in the door waving her $100k contract and acting charmingly humble. This earns her a sneer from a bunch of rheumy-eyed old-timers (average age 51) parked on bar stools, knocking back cheap gin and lining up teaching gigs. Then you’ve got the writers with thriving careers, sipping scotch on the porch and preparing to make an early night of it so they can meet their 2,000 word daily count.

Which Dream is Yours?

I sort of skewed the picture, but bear with me: Do you see yourself in that room? If you’re like most beginning writers I talk to, you’re content just to be in that bar. Read More…