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Writing Fast, Writing Slow

Someone asked me how fast I write; I think what they mean is, how fast should they write.

People are seldom worried about writing too fast; rather, the concern is, Am I writing too slow? What are publisher expectations? My advice is to write at a good pace, challenging yourself to move with more trust through your material (a little faster, that is). Publishers will want you to build a readership, and this is hard to do with a book every three years.

When Not to Write Fast

Sometimes life dictates writing speed. You are caring for an aged parent or young children. You’ve been laid off and the job hunt is consuming. You know what I mean. There truly are times in your life when you can only get a half a page a day, and we don’t need to beat ourselves up over this. But our lives will likely always be too busy, so if you want to be a writer, eventually you gotta make room for it. Put butt in chair. And stay there.

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