The Adventure Begins . . .

If this is April, it must mean my new book is out! And sure enough, I checked on, and they claim they’ve got it. But wait! Not that I have author jitters or anything, but I found a typo, I need to take it back. Nope, it is so totally out of my hands. Man, complete strangers are reading it, and putting up reviews and making comments. Oddly enough, there is a little bit of shock about all that, even after six previous books.

But, of course, I am thrilled to have Bright of the Sky in bookstores at long last. The cover is gorgeous, for starters. I guess I’ve said enough about Stephan Martiniere’s brilliant artwork. I love it, and then Pyr’s book design is classy and creates a handsome package.

The story is pretty good, too! Let me know what you think.

Here I am in my office, celebrating today with my cat who is pretty charged up about all this, as you can see.

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  1. lmarley says:

    Piper sends greetings to Sumo . . .

    And I’m off to order my copy of BRIGHT OF THE SKY. You know, I don’t think enough can be said about Stephan’s cover painting, so let’s all just go ahead and enthuse.

    Starred PW review? I may never forgive you.

  2. scarlettina says:

    Hey Kay! Just discovered you’re here. (It’s Janna.) I’ve added you to my flist. How lovely it was to see you at Norwescon, and how lovely it will be to keep up with you a bit more.

    And what a handsome cat!

  3. Anonymous says:

    New fan!!!

    I found your book in my local library and picked it up because the cover art was very cool. I finished it in a day and a half and it was unbelievably good! I am now in a rush to see how quickly I can pick up & read your other books. I can’t wait for book 2 of the Entire and the Rose. Brilliant work!!!!

  4. Kay says:

    Re: New fan!!!

    Appreciate the comment! It just kills me, though, that you finished in a day and a half a book that took me a couple Years to write. I have two approaches to books I am loving reading: either charge through them breathlessly, or parcel them out a chapter a day to make them last. I am busy on the next books, and it’s why I’m dismally late keeping my blog current.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Excellent! Congratulations!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like fun!

    We made a very similar trip this summer, but driving up from the south. Hiked down to the water at Crater Lake, which is an awesome scenic journey.

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