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Here I am on a Sunday night at my computer desperately trying to meet my novel deadline (Book 3 of The Entire and The Rose) and my cat insists on being in my lap and not allow me to type very well with my left hand. I allow this, because basically, I’m lonely. Just me and my novel . . .

Perhaps, by the insistent paw on my arm, he’s saying, Man, why bother?

Actually, at this stage of a novel (rewrite) I’m usually–and am this time–fairly euphoric. I still like the thing. I have recently been amazed by the thing. Smoothing out the prose and picking up mistakes is much easier than creating new material. Ah yes, it’s all coming together in a high-stakes, memorable, even brilliant piece of fiction! Or, if not, at least it’s adequate.

I just wish I had a title for the beast. Lou Anders at Pyr has been patiently listening to about three dozen suggestions from me, and shooting them down one at a time, in the nicest possible way. (“Nope.” “Close, but nope”) I trust his instincts completely. Hey, Lou, how about “Book Three?”

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  1. tbclone47 says:

    What’s book two called? Probably missed your announcement of that somewhere.

    You know, I came up with the title for Louise’s 3rd Toby Bishop book. So who knows? 🙂

  2. lmarley says:

    Ha! I was about to point that out! I love the title Patrick came up with. So–share title #2 with us, and we can brainstorm.

    And tell your twenty-pound cat to move over.

  3. Kay says:


    OK, you and Patrick are on! Emails to come. I don’t want to give away the plot here, but I’ll give you some spoilers by email. Thanks. But after you’ve been in France and Italy without me, really, it’s the least you can do.

  4. Kay says:


    Book Two is called “A World Too Near.” (Out in March)

    And, a little help might be just the thing, Patrick, thanks. I’ll be in touch.

  5. Kay says:

    Re: Excerpts

    Hey, good idea. I’ll get an excerpt of A World Too Near up on my website in December when my deadlines are past… a nicer format will be at the Pyr Website in February, a month before pub.

    Anzi will be back in Book Two with a major breakthrough; also the revolutionary godder, Zhiya; the old dragon of the Magisterium, Cixi; Master of the Sway Yulin and wife Suzong in exile; and the deep story of a person-who-shall-not-be-named (to avoid spoiler on Book One.) We will also meet Lady Chiron who, as you might imagine, is quite unhappy with Titus.

  6. rhodric says:

    Re: Excerpts

    Bloody Awesome. I can’t wait! Anzi is my favorite character and just thinking about Chiron makes me laugh out loud!

    now if George would just finish Dance of Dragons my world would be complete…

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