“Bright” makes VanderMeer’s Best of the Year

Happy to note that, on Locus Online, Jeff VanderMeer lists Bright of the Sky as among the best books of 2007. He says:(‘Cause I know you’re curious!)

“Unique in conception, like Larry Niven’s Ringworld, this is the beginning to what should be an amazing SF-Fantasy series.”

Other books were: The Terror (Dan Simmons), Brasyl (Ian McDonald), Thirteen (Richard Morgan), Territory (Emma Bull) Zeroville (Steven Erickson), The Traitor (Michael Cisco), The Stone Gods (Jeanette Winterson) and Shelter (Susan Palwick)

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  1. Kay says:

    Re: the river nigh

    Much as I would love to claim that “not” crept in by mistake, I’m afraid this was simply a careless error. Thank you for pointing that out; I’ll look to this in future editions. Glad you’re enjoying the story!

  2. Anonymous says:


    Thanks for your reply. I just finished BoTS a couple minutes ago. It was a great read. I had bought it a while ago and deliberately not read it because I suspected I would want to go right on to the next volume, and I do. I loved Sydney especially, and the “free bond.” I’m a middle-aged guy with grown sons, no daughter, and I don’t ride horses (my wife has), but there was something immensely touching about those sections. Thanks for all. –RL

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