Desert Gets Bling

Just returned from the desert near Palm Springs. I managed to tuck in a con in San Diego, see relatives, and have a week at golf and hiking. The Anza Borrego State Park has had a phenomenal 9 inches of rain in the past year, much of it this spring.  Result: an explosion of wildflowers that was just getting started when Tom and I were down there. They say this is the beginning of a big show, of the sort that is seen only in the deserts of Nevada and California as well as Namibia and Western Austalia. I ain’t no nature photographer, but here are some pics, inlcuding of my son Matt and a coyote that came about twenty feet from us. (Hope you can tell the difference.)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Lots to say little time

    I have tons to say, i stumbled on your blog this morning while drinking coffee before a long day of database analysis. I am nearly three quarters of the way through the first installment of your entire series and I have to say that I am already enthralled. Fantasy has always been a favorite of mine, authors such as david eddings and robert jordan have captivated me over and over again. I recently started exploring the science fiction genre starting with frank herberts dune series, i have also read isaac asimovs foundation series and a few random steven baxter books.

    To the point, the mixture of fantasy and science fiction in your series satisfies me on both levels of interest! I absolutely love it already and cant wait to pick up the second book!

    Keep up the good work!


  2. Kay says:

    Re: Lots to say little time

    Ryan, I’ve been on the run since you wrote, and am just now catching up on blog.

    I’m particularly happy that you liked the mix of fantasy and sf in Bright of the Sky. I felt like giving the book a fantasy feel, but I had to underpin it with science, at least to my satisfaction. So glad that worked for you! My editor says Book Three, City Without End, is his fav so far; so you have more to look forward to, I hope.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Tell the difference?

    Hi Mom, great time down there in Borrego spings and the surrounding Anza State Park. Thanks for the hospitality. If anybody is wondering, I’m the coyote with my arm around Kay.
    Thanks Mom! (I think)

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