A Red and Blue Marraige

I am amazed by all the self-righteous anger and personal snarkiness of this election. People keep repeating the same stale mantras, the discussions are a mile wide and an inch deep. Personal attacks and bile substitute for the issues–and that’s just around the dinner table! Oh well, it’s election season.

For a breath of fresh air, read Louise Marley’s marvelous essay on 3rdACTS.com. It’s entitled A Red and Blue Marriage. (A couple finds harmony beyond politics.)

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  1. paul_carlson says:

    You mean there is hope? 🙂

    I know people who speak, half seriously, about a new civil war. Based on the whole cultural/ideological divide we’re seeing.

    Doubt that will happen — but so did hundreds of others societies. 🙁

    We all have plenty in common, and let’s never forget this.

  2. Kay says:

    Well said. We DO have much in common. But we throw up barriers to discussion if we are arch and self-righteous. Many people on the opposite side of the argument have compelling reasons, and don’t deserve to be pidgeon-holed as “elitist snobs” or “gun-toting morons.” Hey, Paul, thanks for the comment.

  3. quietspaces says:

    I find myself in the same position as Louise. My husband is conservative Republican (also served in the Air Force in Asia), and I’m finding the Democrats to be a bit too conservative, these days. (Former “hippie” who took part in civil rights and anti-war protests.) One has to get beyond the stereotypes and pin down the whats and whys and hows, to understand how we support each other and respect each other’s viewpoints.

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