“World” makes Johnson’s SF Site Best List

Very pleased to announce that A World Too Near made Greg L. Johnson SF Site best of 2008 list.

Here is his list in order:

1. Anathem by Neal Stephenson
2. Little Brother by Cory Doctorow
3. Implied Spaces by Walter Jon Williams
4. The Gone-Away World by Nick Harkaway
5. Matter by Iain M. Banks
6. Pandemonium by Daryl Gregory
7. A World Too Near by Kay Kenyon
8. Singularity’s Ring by Paul Melko
9. Dogs by Nancy Kress

10. City at the End of Time by Greg Bear

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  1. mabfan says:


  2. Congrats, Kay! That’s fabulous news!!

  3. dsgood says:


  4. Anonymous says:


    Hi Kay, I think I should point out for accuracy’s sake that the quoted best of list is my own personal one, The SF Site’s official editorial list will be coming out later. On that one, mine is just one vote among many. But I was certainly happy to include A World Too Near.

    I won’t be reviewing City Without End, thought I’d leave that for someone else so I could just kick back and enjoy reading it without having to be all critical and everything. Of course, that means I’m going to have to buy a copy, hope you won’t mind.

    Looking forward to meeting you in August at Diversicon!.

    Greg Johnson

  5. Kay says:

    Re: List

    Right, I knew that. . . so put your name on it, but let me revise this to make it clear. Not reviewing City? Oh, no! I count on your kind disposition toward me. 🙂

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