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Book cover art by Stephan Martiniere.
Review © 2009 by Thomas M. Wagner.

Watch your back, Peter F. Hamilton. Kay Kenyon is muscling in on your turf. If The Entire and the Rose isn’t the most audacious and exhilarating epic SF saga to hit the racks since the Night’s Dawn trilogy, then I might as well throw in the towel and take up reading vampire romance trash like everybody else. The third volume of Kenyon’s dazzling and inventive series has an action-driven forward momentum that keeps the suspense taut through well over 450 pages of narrative. Having introduced her remarkable alternate universe and its colorful array of characters, both human and alien, in the previous books, Kenyon simply cuts loose, ratcheting the story’s action and dramatic tension right off the scale. If you still haven’t added Kay Kenyon to your reading lists, City without End leaves you without any good excuses to keep ignoring her. . . .

(And skipping to end for sake of spoilers here . . .)

There’s one more book to go here. City does have a sense of closure to it, but there are many questions that still need answers, mysteries yet unsolved. To think that Kay Kenyon has more to offer, in light of how much she’s given us in these stories already, is thrilling to contemplate. I really don’t know where she’ll go from here. And that’s more than enough, not only to keep me on tenterhooks for the next volume, but to have you jumping into book one the first chance you get.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    City Without End

    I just couldn’t put it down, and I want to know when the next volume is coming…. Please don’t let it be too long.

  2. Kay says:

    Re: City Without End

    Well, I have to write the &%#@& thing first. I have been working on it in fits and starts, trying to tie Everything together. I think I love it. When I don’t hate it. It will be called Prince of Storms. And, I do apologize, it won’t be out until January of next year. Thanks very much for the comment!

  3. princejvstin says:

    Hi Kay!

    I have a question. Something spurred me to take the name of Ji Anzi (one of my favorite characters in the, um, Entire of the Entire), and google it. I came across an entry in wikipedia for an Asian game:


    Did you choose Anzi’s name purposefully to match the name of the game?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Ji Anzi

    That’s fantastic. I did not take the character’s name from the game, but made it up by combining two Chinese names that I came across. I actually had heard of Du Cau, the Vietnamese game, but didn’t know there was a Chinese equivalent. Thanks so much for the link! How frightfully appropriate that a character like Ji Anzi, who gets pulled back and forth so much in this series (between universes, between loyalties, between obligations–and in the final book as you will find out) turns out to share her name with a shuttlecock game! I think this coincidence is a cool example of serendipity. Thanks!

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