Kay Writes: The Tour

Due to overwhelming demand, I am conducting this little tour of my writing place.

my desk
The chair. The Macbook. Picture Kay hunched over keyboard.

The clothes pile. (Writing den is beyond white door. Kay is ignoring clothes pile.)

Notes to self on latest novel. Notes to self from first reader (husband.) Helpful, if illegible, margin notes on notes to self.

Sumo staring out den window. On left, the chair I use when tired of sitting at desk. The ficus tree I’ve had for fifteen years. My printer on desk. Still with me? Good:

What’s on my desk just to my right right now. Kay’s glasses, mardi gras beads, hand strengthening ball on turtle, bills,paper clips, Write on the River pin, golf notes. “Difficult lies.” If you think that’s a fiction term, you don’t play golf.

Kenn Brown’s cover art for “ReVisions” anthology that I was in. He was so kind to send me a museum quality print. A whole new perspective on Blue Boy.

Looking into pantry from my den where the clothes pile _still_ awaits.

That’s what my writing space looked like today, March 2, 2009 at 3:30 p.m.
Just for the record.

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  1. johnnyd_48 says:

    Office tour

    Not at all tedious. I’ve always been fascinated by writers and their working method. Your space strikes me as orderly (although not quite rigidly so) and uncluttered, which makes you something of an exception among writers I’ve known closely enough to see their workspace.

    Also, I had no idea you were a golfer, although you certainly have the physique to be a good one. I’d expect that you probably hit a fairly long ball. I love to play but only manage to do so ten or a dozen times a year. I’ve sworn that I will someday play often enough to break 100 on a full-length course. We all need dreams.

    “Difficult lies” would probably make a good story and it wouldn’t even have to involve golf.


    John Douglas

  2. Kay says:

    Re: Office tour

    “Difficult lies” could be a golf science fiction story. OK, John, YOU write it.

  3. lmarley says:

    Nice photoessay!

  4. barbhendee says:

    Oh, Kay, I love the color you’ve chosen for the walls.

    J.C. and I like “color” on the walls, and so many people just get trapped in that soul-sucking beige shade . . . often referred to as “mushroom.”

    I love the soft red here. Very inspiring.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Den Tour

    Boy, you really know I was tired of writing when I did That one!

  6. Kay says:

    Soul Sucking Beige

    Barb, I’m with you on color! I seldom WEAR colors, but I like ’em on the walls. You’ll see me at cons in soul-sucking beige.

  7. mythusmage says:

    Does giving the cat his medicine make you a Sumo wrestler?

  8. Kay says:

    Wrestling cats

    Good one — But you first!
    This is a cat in whose mouth you don’t want your fingers.

  9. johnnyd_48 says:

    Re: Story idea

    Well, first off, I’m not exactly anyone you could call a writer–not of prose fiction at any rate.

    Secondly, I suppose an SF story could be cooked up that would fit that title but I imagined it more as a romance or mainstream relationship story which could maybe use golf as a background element.

    In any case, don’t hold your breath waiting to see a story from me, under that or any other title. I might have the skills but when I park my butt in the chair I’ve got a lot of other things demanding my energy and attention. Perhaps it’s another of my dreams but not one I’ve done much to fulfill.

  10. Kay says:

    Re: Story idea

    OK, Anyone out there can have the idea, now that John and I have passed on it. And I think you’re right, it’s a mainstream story… but I just think it’s about time someone told a golf sf story.

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