Personality Test # 657

I took the test “Which Science Fiction Writer Are you?”

As a total time-waster, if you want to find out which well-known SF writer you are most alike, here you go. But I did find the questionnaire asinine, and set up for presumably male writers.

I took it twice, because I couldn’t quite decide on some of the answers. I am either Hal Clement or Philip K. Dick, so I am either a quiet and underrated hard science writer Hal Clement or the brilliant yet trashy master of the reality warp who “always left you unsure of what was real, but never forgot compassion.”

I always thought I was C.J. Cherryh or Dan Simmons, but that is based entirely on the kind of thing I write, not personality.

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  1. stevenagy says:

    I always thought my writing tended toward a Dan Simmons feel as well, but the quiz keeps telling me I’m William Gibson. I don’t have much faith in the results, though it is consistent in its wrongheadedness in my case. 🙂

  2. Kay says:

    That’s what’s kind of fun about the quiz: you end up in a bit of strange place. Insights here? Or maybe just random goofiness.

  3. stevenagy says:

    Equal measures of Insight and goofiness. You’ve got to be willing to take these with a grain of salt, while still being willing to be surprised. Especially if you don’t like the results.

  4. radthorne says:

    I’m apparently Ursula K. LeGuin. Does that fit with my previous Zen-like posting? :o)

  5. Kay says:

    Oh, it so fits. Except you wear your hair different.

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