Can’t Get This Song Out of My Mind

I am doomed.
Someone (the husband of a famous sf/f writer) played this song in my presence, and now I can’t get rid of it!!

White Bird.

Crank it up, pass it along. (Evil smile.)

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  1. lizziebelle says:

    OMG, I had forgotten all about that song. Talk about your archetypal 70’s hippie music!

  2. paul_carlson says:

    One of my all-time favorites! 😀
    Not many rock songs made such excellent use of a violin.

    Lizzie is correct. When it first came out, we had a 45 record of that first Beautiful Day album. I used to play it in our backwoods cabin, on a record player that ran on 6 D-cell batteries.

    “It’s a Beautiful Day” still plays once in a while, at their ‘hometown’ clubs over in Marin County.

  3. paul_carlson says:

    PS: Now I have it on my iTunes playlist.
    (Not all the songs on that album are available, it seems.)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Don & Dewey

    FWIW, one of my favourite songs of this era is “Don & Dewey”, also by IABD:

    Kay — I just discovered Bright of the Sky and I’m almost finished. Just wanted you to know that I’m a long time scifi reader (read my first scifi book when I was 6-7 and I’m now in my 50s) and that it’s been a long time since a scifi work has captured my imagination as much as this has. Looking forward to reading the entire (no pun intended) series.

  5. Kay says:

    Re: Don & Dewey

    Very nice of you to say that. I’ve just handed in the fourth and final book, and I’m jazzed about how it all turned out.
    Yeah, Don and Dewey; don’t hear stuff like that anymore, it was cool to get a blast of it.

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